Friday, 22 January 2010

Wednesday Night Curry (Thursday) 21 January 2010

Attendees - Andrew and Amy Collier, Olly Cooper, Sara Dunlop and the Mrs.

Menu - Chicken Curry, Peas and Potatoes, Courgettes a la moi, Raita, Mooil sald and roomali roti (sort of)

So. The first WNC of the year was actually on a Thursday. Did we care, Did it offend...NO. Even if we did or it had sod you.

Lovely, lovely people, lovely chat.

The new Home of Curry (tm) is a tad smaller and we only have 6 chairs so WNC is shrinking. I may have to get people to bring chairs.

I was running late this week and so no pudding. I think everyone was ok tho as I made more than enough. We got to use the coffee machine that the Mrs and I got for a wedding pressie...brrrhcchh brrrccchhh a la red mountain ads years ago remember? No Shame on you.

There was no traditional WNC you tube session or any really dirty jokes or very random chat...maybe we are all growing up.

Love you all like chicken xxx