Friday, 18 December 2009

#WNCNDSGDP - Year 4.

Well. What Can I say. The year has been quiet in Curry terms. How did we make up for that - WNCNDSGDP - that is how.

Last night was great fun. Lots of teh WNC gang were there. PLH came (it would not be the same without him), Giler and Dot (soon to be hitched! yay!)The recently Hitched AC sans Mrs C and many many more.

There was much in the way of spicy nibbles. My younger brother turned up and had brought with him MANY more unexpected meat based treats, so we all had more than we had bargained for.

There are plans afoot in Curry towers. Things are gonna change next rules and things. You know mix it up a little. live on the edge.

So I bid you all a Non Denominational Seasonal Greeting and until the year is new and the birds a tweeting a different tune - may you all be spicy.

love you

Currymaster x

Monday, 7 December 2009


That is correct ou read it here forst folks. WNC has been going for 4 years.

Ok so admitedly this year has been sparsely littered with curry, but you know I had to do the wedding and honeymoon thing and new businsess thing...all that kind of stuff.

Anyhoo. You should have all had the e-mail about The Wednesday Night Curry Non-Denominational Seasonal Greetings Drinks Party on the 17th. I know it is a Thursday but you can't have it all.

see you there my spicy little samosas.