Friday, 24 July 2009


So the day finally came. The walls came a tumbling down...the Home of Curry is no more. Well when I say no more I mean that PLH is selling it not that the council had condemned it or anything like that.

It was a joyous occasion of spicy nibbles and many old curry friends sharing their sadness about the south east london curry mecca that has become a friend to me over the past few years.

Not to worry WNC is not is just moving. It will become a moveable feast (if you will)!! We shall be permanently on tour or maybe even have a semi-permanent residence in Pimlico the new home of the Currymaster.

Before I leave you today may I just send a silent salute out to the PLH - the Captain of Curry and the Deputy Minister of Coriander. He persevered through the yoghurt curries "it can't be a curry because it's got no meat", he learnt about spices "bugger me that's hot" and he kindly allowed WNC to reside at his home for many a year. We thank you.

I shall be setting up a new format for WNC now that we are homeless (maybe a magazine called THE BIG CURRY??) so keep your inboxes open and ready for spicy curry news.

This is not the end my spicy little samosas it is just a new beginning.

Love you