Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wednesday Night Curry 16th April 2009

Attendees - Giler and Dorothy, Richard Matthews, Emilia Keladitis, Vanessa Lindsay,Kat Fairbairn, Charlotte Pham, PLH.

Menu - Keema (Minced Lamb), Baby Baingan (Aubergine), Spicy Courgettes, Rice and Mooli Salad, Raita..and some rather Garlic and Coriander Naan (Tesco!!)
Pudding - Melon, Chicoo and the First of the season Alphonso Mangoes.

Virgin Count - 3

Ca Va my spicy little Samosas?

WNC number 2. Done. As Gordon would say.

You will see that the Virgin count is quite high this week, ordinarily I would have been quite happy with such a saturation of Virgins in my midst, however you will also see from the attendee list that it was the LARGEST WNC of all time. 9 followers of curry were in present!

As tehre were so many of us PLH the Home of CurryTM Gatekeeper was rather worried about seating and tables and things...but it was all ok and he needn't have shed all that hair...tho admittedly it could have been due to the suggested marketing strategy for the sale of the Home of Curry...PLH - Hoist - RVT -Particulars!!

Yes you heard it right folks the Home of CurryTM is up for sale! For those who may want to purchase this landmark property you will find the details here and for a version you can carry and save with you click here if you look closely you can see where the magic happens....

Anyhoo...This week was a fun filled evening of frolicking and fascinatingly fabulous folks. Some say one of the best WNCs to date...let it be know that as Currymaster I have no favourites, everytime one of the curry creations is eaten I am a happy man.

Much like the BBC Iplayer the WNC blog is a poor curry follower's listen again...I shall attempt to give you a small insight into the WNC just past:

Ward of London...Do they know about the Curry?

Children Swearing...Chuffing Nora!

FGM...Fucking good mango - Hoist anyone!

Well there we go, a fun evening I am sure you will agree.

I think that next time we may have to go on tour and try to have a near perfect attendance curry virgins....anybody who wants to host the next WNC let me know by currymail.

Until next time, be good, love yourself with your own hands and may the curry be with you.