Monday, 30 March 2009


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Up to the second news about curry!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Wednesday Night Curry ( Thursday 5th March)

Attendees - Harriet Warburg, Christoper Mcafferty(sp?), Anna Thomson, Niall Campbell Charlotte Pham, PLH.

Menu - 2 Day Slow cooked Lamb Curry, Courgette Curry, Dahl, Sugar Snap Pea Curry, Rice and Mooli Salad.
Pudding - Fruit Slad and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Virgin Count - 1


First WNC of the year was not only in was also on a Thursday. Tangy Tikka Thursday to be precise. This however in no way detracted from the spicyness that ensued.

Seriously there was so much chat I am not sure I have enough time to put it all about an abbreviated set of events?

Thumb Waving - do you know what it is? Apparently it is not wanking with your thumbs.

Open Sandwich - right or wrong? Discuss...again and again and again!!!

Slumdog - Love it or mildly hate it?

Of course no Opening Party would be complete without a song...and what did we play...

I think that next time we may go on tour with unsure yet.

Love you all