Thursday, 19 February 2009

Yo Yo Yo....

Good afternoon my Spicy little Samosas,

I'm back, I know it has been ages and I have been neglecting my duties as Currymaster. Don't worry tho cos things are gonna change, for the better.

Most of you will know that the first WNC of the year will take place at the home of curry on the 5th of March. As usual we had a ton of responses at the WNC HOIC (Hub of Information Curry Dept.) but as you know 'there can be only one'

well we know that there is infact more than one, but I just needed a reason to put up a picture of my 'hero for the day' Cristophe Lambert.

Last night happened to be a Wednesday and it also happened that I cooked curry and had people was not a WNC however just more of a dry run as it has been some time since the magic curry hands had been in action. I even made a new recipe...Verdict was: Thumbs Up!!

Love you all.