Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 20th August 2008

Attendees - Paul Hamilos, George Pennock, Cara Pennock (nee gilson), Matthew Wreford, Gregory Block, Charlotte Pham, PLH.

Menu - Spinach and Cod Curry, Courgette Curry, Onion Rice and Kachumbar.
Pudding - that amaretto biscuit baked creamy berry thing i do. if you have not tasted yet, 'tis very good.

Virgin Count - 1

Well well, it has been sometime since my last 'proper' post hasn't int? Where to start, so much has changed.

I no longer reside at the home of curry, after the transformation I ended up close by, shacked up with really hot girl. Recently PLH has had me replaced with a greek cypriot boy, though he claims it is only a temporary measure. The home of curry is now extremely pretty, everyone says so. In fact I think I even have a picture of the new bathroom (the main reason the works were started)...ah yes here it is.It has a remote control shower and everything. tho admittedly it does not look like it has a shower here at all.

Last night we had a good turnout a full house no less. It is true that of late you may have heard the news on some of the more reputable channels that I have had to cut down my weekly appearances in order to occasionally work and stuff. This is most annoying but unfortunately necessary. The home of curry will still house us and there will occasionally be special curry related events when possible.

quick summary of chat....

exploding testacles, dusty tables (bloody cleaners), amazon porn , she wee , olympian paralympic cheating with tapas.

There was a lot of olympics chat. is anyone actually watching it?? i know that team GB seem to be making some headway, yay!

Better run. love you and chat soon.



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