Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wednesday Night Curry...SOS

Remember me? Medium Build, Brown, Hirsute and Spicy.
I am Back. Well Kind Of.

I realise there has been a lapse in WNC for some time now and that is due to general busy workiness. I am hapy to say that the Home of Curry is now operational again and that while it lasted the Tour was a resounding success.

It pains me to say it but i fear that the once regular Indian Food Fest may have to become slightly less regular, alas real life has taken over and a weekly curry is just too hard to achieve. However this in no way means that curry will die...oh no...it will just be a monthly type afair, which in all honesty should make you work your fingers a little quicker!

I can honestly say tht some of the evenings i have spent with the followers of cury have been some of the best of my cooking life and while it has been well documented here at WNC.com, there is nothing that can capture the sense of camaraderie and sheer joy that flows through a fully thronged home of curry.

be back soon