Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Oops ....forgot to say...

....Emma did have some very lovely napkins.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Wednesday Night Curry (OnTour) 27th February 2008

Attendees - Emma Johnston, Alex Pile and Lou Mcfarlan(sp? sorry lou)

Menu - Cod and spinach curry, onion rice and dhal

Pudding - Chocolate Lava Cake! mmmm

Spicy Rating - 1500

Virgin Count - 1

Ah my little samosas,

I am currently in Birmingham looking at new innovations in the bathroom world, and aside from this little marvel from a very nice glaswegian man called Stewart...
Yes that is right it is a no fuss dispenser for your toothpaste....should you need one i will be stocking them very soon....who knows even the home of curry may have one after the refurb.

Las weeks WNC was a little shaky at the start after a few dropouts but i have to say that it was lovely to have a more intimate gathering and some of you may have noticed that the menu is a repeat of the first WNC on tour .....this is because as some of you will remember i was not happy with the quality of the original meal...and so i decided to perfect the off the ciff dish that i had prepared. It was much better this time.

I found out that apparently Alex does not like cats so issue a full retraction from my previous mail. The home of Alex and Emma will definitely see a WNC again as it was a virtual home away for home. There semed to be a lo of talk about alex being naked, but i can't seen to remember why now!!

Next week we are in London's Bloomsbury at the lovely home of the Clothiers.

The home of curry is moving along very nicely thank you very much to all those who are writing in. We shall be posting a little video up very soon of the progress that has been made.

Rememeber to keep it spicy and also remember that ping pong balls are not a toy and can sometimes be dangerous....

love you all like some light white tight round balls...xx