Thursday, 21 February 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 20th February 2008 (ON TOUR)

Attendees - Wendy saunt, Cressida Ranfield, Olly Durrant, Harriet Warburg (Host)

Menu - Samosas, Pota Lamb, Chana, Mooli salad, Chapatis - Gulab Jamun.

Virgin Count - 3 (getting closer to full virginosity)

Spicy rating - 150 !!!

Things are changing. Yes it is true. I am afraid it has all been a little crazy over the past few weeks and the WNC valentines special did not happen and i have been a little radio silent. I am sorry for this, but fear ye not the WNC OT is all sorted and confirmed....really it is. I don't have the website up and running and looking perfect so what I will do is just give the general areas that the the next 8 or so tour dates will be.

This week we were at the lovely home of the wonderful Harriet Warburg.

I was running a little late due to traffic all day wherever I went and thought that my grandmothers recipe for lamb would be best, not only because it is my favourite dish but also due to the fact that it is unfeasibly quick to make. I did cheat and buy ready made chapatis...but hey sue me.

It was good to have a fellow godparent on the room so we could discuss the moral guardianship of our charge. Primarily how we will ensure that curry will play a large part in her life....needless to say there were enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

I just want to wish anyone that is trying to sleep with anyone in a neighbouring apartment or building very good luck...apparently it does happen quite often. There was one member of the group who had not heard of the WNC oofficial band (Flight of the Conchords)now i cant let that pass so eventhough i have posted it is the official song of WNC

Wasn't that good.

I also have some photos of the transformation of the home of curry....

PLH 'er shaan where has the wall gone'

Some of you may recognise where you sat previously at the home of curry...!

Well Anyway next week we are off to the Kings Road for a spot of curry touring...i do hope you will join us.

Remember to keep it spicy...

Lots of love

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 30th January 2008

Attendees - Andrew Collier, Sara Dunlop and Charlotte Pham

Menu - Cod and spinach curry, onion rice and dhal

Pudding - Chocolate Lava Cake! mmmm

Spicy Rating - 1000

Virgin Count - 0

Darling people,

Not only is this the tardiest post by far, i have also had to been remiss for the past few weeks as the PA is on holiday and real work has taken over my life.

I am happy to say that the first WNC on tour went extremely well.

We were at the home of the Wonderful and may i say rather handsome Mr Collier. There was an unfortunate incident with some glasses...but that was deftly handled and then WNC OT was away.

We chitted and chatted about the downloading of programmes on t'internet and Sara even got the next few episodes of Heroes i beleive.

I have now had my spicy cherry popped and i am glad to say that as of today the next two months of the tour are all oraganised. I shall be adding a few of the photos of the destruction and refurbishment of the home of curry over the next few months so you can se the progress.

I will just leave you this week.