Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 9th January 2008

Attendees : Giler, (Previous Winner of a Samosa Award), Gabriella Le Breton, Robert Mills, Emma Mills and of course how can we forget PLH

Menu : Spinach Curry, Onion Rice, Raita and Poppadoms

Pudding : Eton Mess

Virgin Count - 0

Spicy Rating - 500

Happy New Year my spicy little poppadoms!

The first wnc of the year and i failed in locating any spicy cherries!.....No matter t'was a joyous beginning.

I do write this a few days after the event and find that my memory is somewhat addled by all i can really say is that it was all fun and we missed the little jack.

We are breathing down the neck of the WNC tour and i will have a little page of the tour dates up in the very very near future.

Must dash

love you.