Sunday, 20 January 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 16th January 2008

Attendees : The Beaumonts and the Campbells...and PLH.

Menu: Chicken Curry, Peas and Potatoes and Rice - (WAY TOO MUCH RICE) and some salad.

Pudding: The hot cream, creme fraiche berry pud with marsala and amarreti biscuits.

Virgin Count - 0

Spicy Rating - 1500

Well this week was a late start....back at work and it is all piling up. PLH and i had a brief consultation about the work and the move and we both jumped in to prepare the food.

Mr Campbell was there to help the cause and then Mr Beaumont.....both the wives suffice to say were a little was the food as I had forgotten to cook the rice!!!!

The memories of the WNCNDSGDP came flooding back...yes i can't open a bottle of champagne....

The exodus of the 'home of curry' will take place very soon and PLH and I will be out on our respective arses....and te tour will be starting....all info will be available ASAIHP.

This week I will be leaving you with Mrs Beaumonts fave clip from South Park.

love you.