Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 20th August 2008

Attendees - Paul Hamilos, George Pennock, Cara Pennock (nee gilson), Matthew Wreford, Gregory Block, Charlotte Pham, PLH.

Menu - Spinach and Cod Curry, Courgette Curry, Onion Rice and Kachumbar.
Pudding - that amaretto biscuit baked creamy berry thing i do. if you have not tasted yet, 'tis very good.

Virgin Count - 1

Well well, it has been sometime since my last 'proper' post hasn't int? Where to start, so much has changed.

I no longer reside at the home of curry, after the transformation I ended up close by, shacked up with really hot girl. Recently PLH has had me replaced with a greek cypriot boy, though he claims it is only a temporary measure. The home of curry is now extremely pretty, everyone says so. In fact I think I even have a picture of the new bathroom (the main reason the works were started)...ah yes here it is.It has a remote control shower and everything. tho admittedly it does not look like it has a shower here at all.

Last night we had a good turnout a full house no less. It is true that of late you may have heard the news on some of the more reputable channels that I have had to cut down my weekly appearances in order to occasionally work and stuff. This is most annoying but unfortunately necessary. The home of curry will still house us and there will occasionally be special curry related events when possible.

quick summary of chat....

exploding testacles, dusty tables (bloody cleaners), amazon porn , she wee , olympian paralympic cheating with tapas.

There was a lot of olympics chat. is anyone actually watching it?? i know that team GB seem to be making some headway, yay!

Better run. love you and chat soon.


Friday, 15 August 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 13th August 2008

Sorry guys. last minute cancellation due to work. All a bit pants really. Not to worry will definitely do next week....

love you


Sunday, 13 July 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 9th July 2008

Well. What can I say. It has been some time since I have been here. Now I know I have not posted the last few On Tour WNC evenings or been keeping the WNC going on a regular basis this is mainly due to me haveing justa little too much work to do. This is still the case but I realised that I missed all of you little poppadoms and I will make a concerted effort to keep at least one wednesday every month saved for some curry.

This week was wonderful, we had some regular members round to the home of curry and much merriment was had. PLH was on fine form and the new kitchen of curry stood up well with many eating off the table of curry.

spicy dreams and see you soon


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Getting ready.....

just a quickie....

I am looking very forward to tomorrow evening, i can virtually taste those chillies on my lips.

see you then my little poppadoms..sxx

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wednesday Night Curry...SOS

Remember me? Medium Build, Brown, Hirsute and Spicy.
I am Back. Well Kind Of.

I realise there has been a lapse in WNC for some time now and that is due to general busy workiness. I am hapy to say that the Home of Curry is now operational again and that while it lasted the Tour was a resounding success.

It pains me to say it but i fear that the once regular Indian Food Fest may have to become slightly less regular, alas real life has taken over and a weekly curry is just too hard to achieve. However this in no way means that curry will die...oh will just be a monthly type afair, which in all honesty should make you work your fingers a little quicker!

I can honestly say tht some of the evenings i have spent with the followers of cury have been some of the best of my cooking life and while it has been well documented here at, there is nothing that can capture the sense of camaraderie and sheer joy that flows through a fully thronged home of curry.

be back soon


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Oops ....forgot to say...

....Emma did have some very lovely napkins.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Wednesday Night Curry (OnTour) 27th February 2008

Attendees - Emma Johnston, Alex Pile and Lou Mcfarlan(sp? sorry lou)

Menu - Cod and spinach curry, onion rice and dhal

Pudding - Chocolate Lava Cake! mmmm

Spicy Rating - 1500

Virgin Count - 1

Ah my little samosas,

I am currently in Birmingham looking at new innovations in the bathroom world, and aside from this little marvel from a very nice glaswegian man called Stewart...
Yes that is right it is a no fuss dispenser for your toothpaste....should you need one i will be stocking them very soon....who knows even the home of curry may have one after the refurb.

Las weeks WNC was a little shaky at the start after a few dropouts but i have to say that it was lovely to have a more intimate gathering and some of you may have noticed that the menu is a repeat of the first WNC on tour .....this is because as some of you will remember i was not happy with the quality of the original meal...and so i decided to perfect the off the ciff dish that i had prepared. It was much better this time.

I found out that apparently Alex does not like cats so issue a full retraction from my previous mail. The home of Alex and Emma will definitely see a WNC again as it was a virtual home away for home. There semed to be a lo of talk about alex being naked, but i can't seen to remember why now!!

Next week we are in London's Bloomsbury at the lovely home of the Clothiers.

The home of curry is moving along very nicely thank you very much to all those who are writing in. We shall be posting a little video up very soon of the progress that has been made.

Rememeber to keep it spicy and also remember that ping pong balls are not a toy and can sometimes be dangerous....

love you all like some light white tight round balls...xx

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 20th February 2008 (ON TOUR)

Attendees - Wendy saunt, Cressida Ranfield, Olly Durrant, Harriet Warburg (Host)

Menu - Samosas, Pota Lamb, Chana, Mooli salad, Chapatis - Gulab Jamun.

Virgin Count - 3 (getting closer to full virginosity)

Spicy rating - 150 !!!

Things are changing. Yes it is true. I am afraid it has all been a little crazy over the past few weeks and the WNC valentines special did not happen and i have been a little radio silent. I am sorry for this, but fear ye not the WNC OT is all sorted and confirmed....really it is. I don't have the website up and running and looking perfect so what I will do is just give the general areas that the the next 8 or so tour dates will be.

This week we were at the lovely home of the wonderful Harriet Warburg.

I was running a little late due to traffic all day wherever I went and thought that my grandmothers recipe for lamb would be best, not only because it is my favourite dish but also due to the fact that it is unfeasibly quick to make. I did cheat and buy ready made chapatis...but hey sue me.

It was good to have a fellow godparent on the room so we could discuss the moral guardianship of our charge. Primarily how we will ensure that curry will play a large part in her life....needless to say there were enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

I just want to wish anyone that is trying to sleep with anyone in a neighbouring apartment or building very good luck...apparently it does happen quite often. There was one member of the group who had not heard of the WNC oofficial band (Flight of the Conchords)now i cant let that pass so eventhough i have posted it is the official song of WNC

Wasn't that good.

I also have some photos of the transformation of the home of curry....

PLH 'er shaan where has the wall gone'

Some of you may recognise where you sat previously at the home of curry...!

Well Anyway next week we are off to the Kings Road for a spot of curry touring...i do hope you will join us.

Remember to keep it spicy...

Lots of love

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 30th January 2008

Attendees - Andrew Collier, Sara Dunlop and Charlotte Pham

Menu - Cod and spinach curry, onion rice and dhal

Pudding - Chocolate Lava Cake! mmmm

Spicy Rating - 1000

Virgin Count - 0

Darling people,

Not only is this the tardiest post by far, i have also had to been remiss for the past few weeks as the PA is on holiday and real work has taken over my life.

I am happy to say that the first WNC on tour went extremely well.

We were at the home of the Wonderful and may i say rather handsome Mr Collier. There was an unfortunate incident with some glasses...but that was deftly handled and then WNC OT was away.

We chitted and chatted about the downloading of programmes on t'internet and Sara even got the next few episodes of Heroes i beleive.

I have now had my spicy cherry popped and i am glad to say that as of today the next two months of the tour are all oraganised. I shall be adding a few of the photos of the destruction and refurbishment of the home of curry over the next few months so you can se the progress.

I will just leave you this week.


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 23th January 2008

Attendees: Danielle Tilly,Josh Towb,Alice Towb+bump,Mark Chamberlain and PLH

Menu : Yoghurt Curry, Potatoes, Bindi, Chana Masala, rice and kachumbar salad.

Pudding: Lemon Tart and Raspberries

Virgin Count : 1 (my first spicy cherry of the year)

Spicy Rating : 1645

Well folks last night was officially the last WNC in the 'home of curry' (tm) before the refurbishmant starts. It will be sad to see the wall and the floor go....but fear ye not i will pop up pictures of the devastation and we also have the WNC Tour which starts next week...all details you will ever need are HERE

Once i had had a good cry about the last WNC at home.,...PLH and I considered the merits of basins, small large and the positioning of taps, all this time we were happily merrily chopping away.

Ms Tilley was the first to arrive...then the towbs, with the bump in tow(b)....sorry could not resist. The strangest thing happened next, Tinker from lovejoy popped round ...he had been stuck in tradfic for many hours and needed a drink...being very helpful at WNC we not only gave him a drink we gave him a curry too.

Ms Tilley thought she had met Tinker before...maybe from her acting days...ah the life of a many faces so many stolen kisses on stage in front of loads of people!

We lamented the hiatus of WNC and concluded that when we return bigger and better after the tour, the first WNC will be the hot ticket in i shall devise some sordid little competition for the coveted places.

I hope to see you al when we go on tour...the spicy rucksack is being prepared and i have shaved off the beard so i don't get shot on a tube embarrasing would that be for the london met, accidentaly killing The Minister for Curried Affairs, with a knighthood for 'services to curry', I can see the headline now:
Vindaloo O.B.E - R.I.P

i don't think it would be right to leave you without what has surely become the WNC official video....enjoy.

love you sxx

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 16th January 2008

Attendees : The Beaumonts and the Campbells...and PLH.

Menu: Chicken Curry, Peas and Potatoes and Rice - (WAY TOO MUCH RICE) and some salad.

Pudding: The hot cream, creme fraiche berry pud with marsala and amarreti biscuits.

Virgin Count - 0

Spicy Rating - 1500

Well this week was a late start....back at work and it is all piling up. PLH and i had a brief consultation about the work and the move and we both jumped in to prepare the food.

Mr Campbell was there to help the cause and then Mr Beaumont.....both the wives suffice to say were a little was the food as I had forgotten to cook the rice!!!!

The memories of the WNCNDSGDP came flooding back...yes i can't open a bottle of champagne....

The exodus of the 'home of curry' will take place very soon and PLH and I will be out on our respective arses....and te tour will be starting....all info will be available ASAIHP.

This week I will be leaving you with Mrs Beaumonts fave clip from South Park.

love you.


Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wednesday Night Curry 9th January 2008

Attendees : Giler, (Previous Winner of a Samosa Award), Gabriella Le Breton, Robert Mills, Emma Mills and of course how can we forget PLH

Menu : Spinach Curry, Onion Rice, Raita and Poppadoms

Pudding : Eton Mess

Virgin Count - 0

Spicy Rating - 500

Happy New Year my spicy little poppadoms!

The first wnc of the year and i failed in locating any spicy cherries!.....No matter t'was a joyous beginning.

I do write this a few days after the event and find that my memory is somewhat addled by all i can really say is that it was all fun and we missed the little jack.

We are breathing down the neck of the WNC tour and i will have a little page of the tour dates up in the very very near future.

Must dash

love you.