Monday, 24 December 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 19th December 2007

WNCNDSGDP(Wednesday Night Curry Non Denominational Seasonal Greeting Drinks Party)

You heard the hype - You saw the posters - You waited for the invite....

The champagne flowed mainly into nice cheap plastic flutes that I found, seeing as that most of the second half of this year there has been the wonderful green and orange plastic cutlery and dinnerware that
PLH has not been able to hide his love for, it was the most obvious vessel for champagne (nuclear 'w'essel....that is what I am saying -5 points for the name of the movie and actor/character!)
There were a good few regulars that appeared and seeing as Lambeth council had waved their planning stick in our direction it seemed appropriate to list everyone who on the walls! You can see the attendees on the top right but for those without the magnification of the hubble telescope here is a more legible version:

Sammy Harper ( Soon to be Murray -
Rupert Hunt

Andy Collier
Jo Campbell
Niall Campbell
Dan Beaumont
Rose Beaumont
Seb Ridd
Alex Scott
Penny Scott
Angela Salt
Mark Chamberlain
Greg Block
Harriet Pollard Britten
Thisbe MiuPollard Britten
And of Course not forgetting

Things continued on the drawing/ writing on the walls as you will see below.....however the one i could not show you was a
little dirty...and will have to be removed by the council, much like graffiti done by chavs.
As it was and end of year gathering i have taken it upon myself to hand out some awards...

The First Annual WNC 'Hot Samosas'

The Ubiquitous Samosa is awarded to Peter Lewin Harris

The Most Perfect Samosa is awarded to Thisbe Miu Pollard Britten

The Oily Samosa is awarded to Niall Campbell

The Darling Samosa is awarded to Andy Collier

The Award Moss Yo is awarded to Giler

The 'Cant open a bottle of Champagne' Samosa I award to myself

WNC will start again on the 9th of January 2008...remember to start the new year with a thought for the less fortunate people who don't get to attend WNC.

be good and keep it spicy.

love you.


Sunday, 16 December 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 12th December 2007


Sorry guys....last few weeks before and shit...therefore once again i have failed my loyal curry subjects.

Fear ye not next week is the WNCNDSGDP the must attend curry event of the year....there will be champagne and little spicy morsels -you know you want to!!!!

Also next week will be the last WNC this year as i am off on the 24th and i am pretty sure that no-one will want leftover turkey curry! I will be back on the 6th of jan and the 9th will be the first WNC of the year...

love you all.


Friday, 7 December 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 5th December 2007


Sorry my curry stuff took over and south east london was denied it weekly curry.

Blame it on the bathroom users of the world and the traffic....

Remember not to forget that you have to remind yourself about the WNCNDSGDP (The Wednesday Night Curry Non Denominational Seasonal Greeting Drinks Party) - Wednesday 19th December - Be there or be shaped like a samosa.

Love you all.......