Thursday, 8 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 6th November 2007

Attendees - Hatty Pollard Britten, Thisbe Pollard Britten (asleep), Amos Usiskin, Matthew Wreford, Greg Block, Jonathon Gray (Newly Engaged and without Fiancee?) and PLH

Starters - Samosas and Pakoras (Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Gram Flour)

Menu- Lamb and Spinach Curry with lentils (made it up last night so don't know if it is really Indian!), Chickpeas and lotus root(Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Lotus Root) Bindi Aloo (potatoes and okra,Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Okra), Rice, Chapatis and mooli salad.

Pudding - Indian Sweets and the ABSOLUTELY delicious Chocolate and caramel tart made by the ABSOLUTELY delightful HPB

Spicy Rating - 1200

Virgin Count - 2

Well after the delights of last weeks festive WNC we missed the fuss and bother of the blowing up of parliament celebration that is Guy Fawkes Night, there were still a few bangs in the air but not as many as there will be this Friday what with it being 'Diwali'. As there are a good number of the sub-continental types on the shores of blighty i feel that in the environs of tooting and southall and mile end you may see a sparkler or two floating about. Hence the Indian sweeties...funny how there are so many sweets to commemorate or celebrate....

Anyway it is rather strange, but plates keep disappearing at the home of Curry, i am not suggesting that the guests up and walk with crockery, far from it. I think that the Thursday morning cleaner has a small habit of hitting the inside of the belfast sink with them and they may end up in the bin!! Please don't kill anymore - THANKS!!!!!

Congratulations to Mr Gray who decided to tie the knot, not only is it a good institution to enter into, it meant we started off the evening with champagne......the nibbles were nice and crispy and went very well with champagne which made me think that maybe we could have a WNC non denominational seasonal greeting drink party -WNCNDSGDP!!!!

I hope that people still have their jobs today as i think a lot of people seem to be getting fired at dinner last night.......I am not too sure if it was just something in the air or the fact that we are all just heartless bastards.

This week was also saw the first Ready Steady Curry in a while and we used three of the suggestions from WNC members:

The Pakoras used the 'gram flour' that Mr Wreford put forward - for those who don't know gram flour is chick pea flour and a pakora is much like the british favourite onion bhaji - just a bit more refined.

Next we had the 'lotus root' and the 'okra' of Ms Pollard Britten - the lotus root mixed with chick peas in a spicy and tangy suace and the okra with a few onions and potatoes. Luvverly.

The rather welcome but unexpected chocolate tart by HPB was scoffed quite happily by the table and we all ate a few of the very sweet indian thingies I produced - in order of appearance - Gluab Jamin, Kala Jamun, Pista Burfi and Ludoo.

A fair few of you have been writing in and asking a bout the wonderful investment opportunity that is 'Sponsor a WNC Chair' this is in no way a scam to get people to buy chairs for home of curry in SE11, this is a genuine chance to get on the 'seating ladder'.

I shall post a full set of diclaimers and terms and conditions in the next WNC e-mail.

As it was fireworks night ( and Amelia Chamberlains 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday!) on November 5th I thought i would leave you with a little fireworks display.


Remember to keep it spicy!!



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