Thursday, 1 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 31st October 2007

Attendees - Niall Campbell and Jo Campbell(freshly back from honeymoon), Giler, Samantha Harper, Alex Murray (Thisbe Miu Pollard Britten and Hatty Pollard Britten in halloween costume and in spirit due to car breakage!) and PLH

Menu- MiniLamb Chops a la Shaan, Potatoes a la Shaan and Bindi a la Shaan,Rice and Dhai Curry ( Yes Pete it is a curry so just deal with it!)

Pudding - Berries covered mascarpone,cream,creme fraiche, madeira and ammaretti biscuits a la oven

Spicy Rating - 1200

Virgin Count - 2

Quick congratulations to myself for actually making it again this week....3in a row..lets go for 4.

Well what an interesting day it was wherever I went it seemed to be Micheal Jackson appreciation day..i mean really aside from Thriller and Ghostbusters are there no other halloween songs and apparently the catalogue of Micheal Buble does not count!

There were no pikeys that came for money or sweets and my car seemed totally unscathed the morning after so not only does that mean i did not have to keep getting up during WNC and telling the kids to sod off, but also that we get to keep the industrial size bucket of sweeties!!

I am unfortunately short of time and therefore cannot recount everything that happened at this weeks WNC so I shall try and give you an accurate precis of the comings and goings......

No Tom and Susannah. Shame. Soon.
Replacement Jo an Niall. Good. recently married. Enough Honeymoon crap thanks. love you really. Hope that I don't feature too mutch in your video.
Sammy and Alex. Yay. Original WNC member Sammy from old days.
Sir Shilson. Shame they stole the book. Not to worry good luck at the pitch.
Arse. Hatty car issues no Halloween costume on favourite goddaughter called Thisbe.
Story. Prosthetic cock breakfast, shots and a granny. Woah there.
New Mini. Wanking inside it again. Please stop.
All food finished. Bones on plates. Loving it fatboy.No you.
Lambeth Planning are wankers. Wii,golf, bowling.
Don't forget the alcoholics.

Well there we go.

As it is halloween and i always seem to leave you a video I thought I would leave you the funniest thing i have seen in a while, PLH and his geekiness saw it AGES ago......

*Curry News*

So far we only have one sponsored chair. Please think about the continuation of curry comfortableness(yes i know it is not a word PLH)

Lets try and get the chairs here soon.

The new Blog will be here soon, so any suggestions, logos or comments are welcome...

love you all. s xxxxxx


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