Friday, 30 November 2007

Thursday Night Curry 29th November 2007

Attendees : Thomas Blythe, Hatty Pollard-Britten (Thisbe Pollard-Britten sleeping) Robert.P.Mills, Fiona Garland and PLH.

Menu - Poppadoms, Courgettes in a spicy curry way, pota lamb (cardamom, coriander, black peper and chilli, bindi aloo (potatoes and okra), not home made parathas!

Pudding - Forest fruits and plums in a hot creamy madeira and amaretto biscuit jus!! (sorry about the amaretto fiona totally forgot that the biscuits are made from nuts!)

Virgin Count - 1

Spicy Rating - 1600

Well well - 2 Thursdays in a row whatever next. PLH was confused, I don't think he likes change - come to think of it neither do I. Wednesday will be back next week and there will be no change I tell you.

My grandmothers recipe for lamb made an appearance again today, I love this dish and it always makes me feel better as for some reason I was on feeling rough side for most of the day, but a plateful of lamb and I was content. It is better with homemade chapattis but Once again I did not get home until about 6.45ish and so I cooked the frozen parathas.....'wrong but delicious' or 'just don't tell your granny' should be the strapline on the packaging.

The lovely people at TNC this week made me and PLH laugh and cry with the witty banter and the deep philosophical debate. Here are some of the highlights:

Q - Was Jenga truly created after a sleeper train to scotland handed out some shortbread fingers?

A - The game in its current form was invented in the 1980s by Leslie Scott. It grew out of a childhood game created around a present of wooden building blocks purchased from a local wood craftsman in Ghana.
The word jenga is derived from kujenga, the Swahili verb "to build"; jenga! is the imperative form.

Q - Are baked beans the devils spawn?

A - # 1901: The first Beanz are sold in the UK as a luxury item at London fine grocer’s Fortnum & Mason.
# 1928: The first British-made Heinz Baked Beanz go on sale to an already hooked public.
# 1941-1948: Baked Beanz are classified as an “essential food” by the Ministry of Food as part of the wartime rationing system.
# 1958: A Heinz factory opens in Wigan, which uses some 1,000 tonnes of dry beans every week making the nations’ favourite toast-topper.
# 1967: Heinz strikes gold with an advertising campaign that now ranks among the most famous and successful of all time. The simple, catchy slogan Beanz Meanz Heinz was created by an advertising executive named Maurice Drake, who claimed that: “it was written over two pints of beer in The Victoria pub in Mornington Crescent”.
# 1998: Heinz Baked Beanz is chosen as one of 12 brands that people think best represent the final ten years of the millennium, along with Coca-Cola, McDonalds, The National Lottery, Adidas, Yellow Pages, St Michael, Bell’s Whisky, Manchester United, BBC, BT and Visa.

Now all of that may have 'bean' a little too informative on the topic of beans but i did receive a photo message from Mr Blythe in which he was holding a can of the fortnums I thought it only appropriate to give a little history of the nations humble bean inna tin.(sorry not to have replied cruddy reception in the middle of nowhere, but i can get internet access!!)

The drinks party will be soon people......the 19th don't forget to put it in your diary....very important - champagne and samosas!

This week there can only be one thing i leave you with.....the late seventies bunch of freaks called mother goose - if yo like dr hook and split ends then you will know who I am talking about!!

love you all


Friday, 23 November 2007

Spicy Food Thursday 22 November 2007

Attendees : Andrew Collier, Daniel Beaumont, Rose Davidson, Mr and Mrs Niall Campbell.

Menu : ( No Curry, Shock Horror...) Spicy Lamb, Houmos, Labneh, Feta Salad, Cabbage Salad, Halloumi, Kobez(sp) Bread and spicy sauce.

Now then, so much has changed this week, Wednesday became Thursday and curry became just spicy food! I made the rules and so I decided I could change them. It was also the first week in quite a while that PLH did not make an appearance...*violins*

There was champagne as it was the the last night of curry freedom for Dan and Rose and it was the married vs the just about to be married , The Campbells and the soon to be Beaumonts. Where did you go on your honeymoon? How many people at your wedding? The one question that seemed to be lacking was about the caterer.....I am slightly put out that none of you asked me to feed everyone curry! *sob*

This week the food was just plain old spicy and not a curry!!! Shock horror....but it sort of reminded me of a plan I once had in the not so distant past which went something like- WNWOC Wednesday Night World Of Curries - Ready steady curry has forced me to keep on my lovely little toes, the scope of the curry could go further afield... Just a thought but one that may just start to happen in the new year!

The sponsoring of chairs seems to be going quite well I believe we have 5 offers of sponsorship at present. Talking of seating you will all be glad to know that I am going to get the sofas recovered in the new year in a beautiful fabric from Neisha Crosland which looks a little like this...

We ended up on the wii again this week...but no bowling and no tennis - just a little bit of internet you tube surfing malarkey... for those of you who have not witnessed the musical/comedy stylings of the flight of the conchords than please watch what is probably the best one they do.

Once again i can't say it better than it has been said before (this week brought to you by the irish wonders that are Boyzone):
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
You are not alone

love you


Thursday, 22 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 21st November 2007

There has been a little switch this week WNC is TNC - confused. You will be.

I ended up out last night and at Harrys Bar....Bellinis, Tagliatelle porcini con fegatini, filleto di manza, a magnum of tiagnello and a bottle of 99 sassicaia.

good evening. sorry WNC no work this week just fun for once.

see you on thursday.


Friday, 16 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 13th November 2007


Sorry you lovely people, got trapped again by the evil mistress that is work. She beat me and beat me till I had no energy left to cook for you. Even PLH got takeaway food there was not a pan in site at the home of curry.

Should you be interested it was a curry of sorts one from my far eastern cousins in the land of Thai. Then there was an episode or two of spooks and that was about as interesting as it got.

I will be back on top next week.

love you

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 6th November 2007

Attendees - Hatty Pollard Britten, Thisbe Pollard Britten (asleep), Amos Usiskin, Matthew Wreford, Greg Block, Jonathon Gray (Newly Engaged and without Fiancee?) and PLH

Starters - Samosas and Pakoras (Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Gram Flour)

Menu- Lamb and Spinach Curry with lentils (made it up last night so don't know if it is really Indian!), Chickpeas and lotus root(Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Lotus Root) Bindi Aloo (potatoes and okra,Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Okra), Rice, Chapatis and mooli salad.

Pudding - Indian Sweets and the ABSOLUTELY delicious Chocolate and caramel tart made by the ABSOLUTELY delightful HPB

Spicy Rating - 1200

Virgin Count - 2

Well after the delights of last weeks festive WNC we missed the fuss and bother of the blowing up of parliament celebration that is Guy Fawkes Night, there were still a few bangs in the air but not as many as there will be this Friday what with it being 'Diwali'. As there are a good number of the sub-continental types on the shores of blighty i feel that in the environs of tooting and southall and mile end you may see a sparkler or two floating about. Hence the Indian sweeties...funny how there are so many sweets to commemorate or celebrate....

Anyway it is rather strange, but plates keep disappearing at the home of Curry, i am not suggesting that the guests up and walk with crockery, far from it. I think that the Thursday morning cleaner has a small habit of hitting the inside of the belfast sink with them and they may end up in the bin!! Please don't kill anymore - THANKS!!!!!

Congratulations to Mr Gray who decided to tie the knot, not only is it a good institution to enter into, it meant we started off the evening with champagne......the nibbles were nice and crispy and went very well with champagne which made me think that maybe we could have a WNC non denominational seasonal greeting drink party -WNCNDSGDP!!!!

I hope that people still have their jobs today as i think a lot of people seem to be getting fired at dinner last night.......I am not too sure if it was just something in the air or the fact that we are all just heartless bastards.

This week was also saw the first Ready Steady Curry in a while and we used three of the suggestions from WNC members:

The Pakoras used the 'gram flour' that Mr Wreford put forward - for those who don't know gram flour is chick pea flour and a pakora is much like the british favourite onion bhaji - just a bit more refined.

Next we had the 'lotus root' and the 'okra' of Ms Pollard Britten - the lotus root mixed with chick peas in a spicy and tangy suace and the okra with a few onions and potatoes. Luvverly.

The rather welcome but unexpected chocolate tart by HPB was scoffed quite happily by the table and we all ate a few of the very sweet indian thingies I produced - in order of appearance - Gluab Jamin, Kala Jamun, Pista Burfi and Ludoo.

A fair few of you have been writing in and asking a bout the wonderful investment opportunity that is 'Sponsor a WNC Chair' this is in no way a scam to get people to buy chairs for home of curry in SE11, this is a genuine chance to get on the 'seating ladder'.

I shall post a full set of diclaimers and terms and conditions in the next WNC e-mail.

As it was fireworks night ( and Amelia Chamberlains 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday!) on November 5th I thought i would leave you with a little fireworks display.


Remember to keep it spicy!!


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I am not too sure I can remember....... this conversation started up a few weeks ago but i do remeber that it came from a certain Mr CK.

It started with a comment(I am paraphrasing somewhat here)that the inside of the new Mini is very nice and apparently all the production of a human man's reproductive fluid (!)would fill it up. Now i am not saying that all the conversation at WNC falls witin the same bounds as this but the topic has carried for a weeks or so and another WNC member has e-mailed me a thought/solution/rebuttal to the claim/sick and twisted thought. Lets call him Alfred.

Hey Shaan -

I write (...) to tell you that I woke up the other morning to find that I had solved the Ministurbation calculation. Funny how the brain works, isn't it?


imagine that PLH (let's be honest, only PLH is going to try) masturbates into a Mini once a day from the age of 18 until he's 70. That's 19,345 ejaculations at a generous average of 10 cubic centimetres a go.

(Incidentally, did you know that that's where the band 10cc is supposed to have got its name? That's also - allegedly - the origin of The Lovin' Spoonful, if you're interested. Also if you aren't.)

Anyhoo: that makes 193,450 ml, or a bit under 200 litres.

"Heavens!" I hear you cry. And, after a moment's pause, "But wait! That may be a lot of the white stuff, but it isn't going to fill a Mini, is it?" And you'd be dead right. I have no idea what the cubic capacity of a Mini is, but it's surely a load (ahem) more than that. Indeed, the *boot* of a new Mini is 150 litres. So you'd fill the boot (well, PLH would) but not much more than that.

Incidentally, also whilst asleep I calculated that, on the entirely made-up assumption that semen is 20% more dense than water, the total volume would weigh in at about a quarter of a tonne.

I knew you'd be thrilled.

I hope that this will clarify any and all other thoughts on the subject.

See you all soon.


Thursday, 1 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 31st October 2007

Attendees - Niall Campbell and Jo Campbell(freshly back from honeymoon), Giler, Samantha Harper, Alex Murray (Thisbe Miu Pollard Britten and Hatty Pollard Britten in halloween costume and in spirit due to car breakage!) and PLH

Menu- MiniLamb Chops a la Shaan, Potatoes a la Shaan and Bindi a la Shaan,Rice and Dhai Curry ( Yes Pete it is a curry so just deal with it!)

Pudding - Berries covered mascarpone,cream,creme fraiche, madeira and ammaretti biscuits a la oven

Spicy Rating - 1200

Virgin Count - 2

Quick congratulations to myself for actually making it again this week....3in a row..lets go for 4.

Well what an interesting day it was wherever I went it seemed to be Micheal Jackson appreciation day..i mean really aside from Thriller and Ghostbusters are there no other halloween songs and apparently the catalogue of Micheal Buble does not count!

There were no pikeys that came for money or sweets and my car seemed totally unscathed the morning after so not only does that mean i did not have to keep getting up during WNC and telling the kids to sod off, but also that we get to keep the industrial size bucket of sweeties!!

I am unfortunately short of time and therefore cannot recount everything that happened at this weeks WNC so I shall try and give you an accurate precis of the comings and goings......

No Tom and Susannah. Shame. Soon.
Replacement Jo an Niall. Good. recently married. Enough Honeymoon crap thanks. love you really. Hope that I don't feature too mutch in your video.
Sammy and Alex. Yay. Original WNC member Sammy from old days.
Sir Shilson. Shame they stole the book. Not to worry good luck at the pitch.
Arse. Hatty car issues no Halloween costume on favourite goddaughter called Thisbe.
Story. Prosthetic cock breakfast, shots and a granny. Woah there.
New Mini. Wanking inside it again. Please stop.
All food finished. Bones on plates. Loving it fatboy.No you.
Lambeth Planning are wankers. Wii,golf, bowling.
Don't forget the alcoholics.

Well there we go.

As it is halloween and i always seem to leave you a video I thought I would leave you the funniest thing i have seen in a while, PLH and his geekiness saw it AGES ago......

*Curry News*

So far we only have one sponsored chair. Please think about the continuation of curry comfortableness(yes i know it is not a word PLH)

Lets try and get the chairs here soon.

The new Blog will be here soon, so any suggestions, logos or comments are welcome...

love you all. s xxxxxx