Thursday, 4 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 3rd October 2007


Sorry my spicy little poppadoms i am in bologna eating pizza and lasagne.

The restaurant i went to last night had a "mcpizza" with chips and burger pieces on it!!!! What will they think of next. I really wanted to order one just so I could post the picture......but even i could not go that far. i thought of asking the very nice waitress if they would dedicate a pizza to WNC...maybe a naan base with chiken and tomato curry on the top.

I am sorry that i have not seen any of you for a good spice up in a while that will change as next week rolls around. PLH and i have been missing you all.

Be safe and remember to eat curry responsibly.

I love you more than i love myself, and according to the girl that asked me for dinner the other day (rejection BTW) "I really love myself"

Keep it spicy.