Thursday, 18 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 17th October 2007

Attendees - Mark Hamilos, Mercedes Hamilos, George Pennock, Cara Gilson, Kamila Shamsie and PLH.

Menu - Kofte Curry (Meatballs), Chicken Curry, Aloo (Potatoes), Dhal (lentils),Rice, Mooli Salad and Chapatis

Virgin Count - 1

Spicy Rating - 2000

Well it has been a while but I got it together and WNC actually happened. There were people and everything at the home of curry this week.

It all began with a little DIY the chairs in the house are a little frail and over the past months of currying there have been a few mishaps and a few losses. The bodge tape team of Hamilos and PLH did a bang up job of making sure there there were enough seats for asses. Soon there will be new chairs.

We were all wondering about the state of each others pants at the beginning of the evening, apparently it is possible to be wearing bad pants or good is a game that was not played but it does sound like a little bit of fun.

There was only one to be initiated into the WNC clique, an authentic sub-continental no less.

Due to the lateness of my posting i have to say that the memory of the evening has faded somewhat and i shall not be so lax again as to try and post without all the facts to hand. Let it be said that a good time was had by all and spicyness took place.

I have not been able to post a video for a few weeks now as WNC has just been a small flickering evening of curry in the back of my mind so this week I bring you talent in the purest form possible - 11 years old and boy can she sing...

love you all.