Friday, 12 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 10th October 2007


Sorry my little poppadoms - once again a last minute cancellation. I know this is becoming a far to frequent occurrence and I promise to try and keep my business requirements to the minimum!

It seems that we have nearly broken the 175 mark on the list and we are well on our way to getting WNC reviewed by a proper food person type. With this in mind there are two points that need to be discussed sponsorship and rules.

It has been brought to my attention over the past few WNC - yes when i have been there- that the seating situation at the home of curry is, well, dire. I agree. However due to the planning people that be, holding up not only the very simple building of a staircase but also the WNC tour, there has been no seat purchasing.

There is a solution- first thought of by a Mrs Mills of Pimlico, who kindly sent in her suggestion there is a plan afoot to sponsor a WNC chair. I will fine tune the details and send you all some info soon. (t-shirts too,don't forget your suggestions for logos!!)

The second topic of conversation before stardom beckons is the rules:

We all know the rules as they are on the weekly e-mail, however what people seem to be doing is assuming that everyone else replies too quickly and so they don't try - please do have a go. Sometimes everyone answers 2-3 days after the mail, sometimes immediately - there is no rhyme or reason to it. So please do try.

Anyway enough of my curry based ranting.

i love you all.