Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 25th October 2007

Attendees - Chris Kennedy, Chris Clothier, Michelle Traylor, Mary Douglas-Home, Katherine Fairbairn and PLH

Menu- Chicken Biryani, Chana Masala, Mutter Aloo, Mooli Salad, Parathas and some poppadoms.....

Pudding - Lychees and icecream and lots of sweets (halloween special in the shops!)

Spicy Rating - 1200

Virgin Count - 2

Well then, this is the second week in a row that i have managed to leave the office at a reasonable hour and rush back in order to get to cooking the now infamous WNC.

I must say that this week prior to the arrival of the select few curry lovers that made the grade, there was a minor air of home pride(nothing to do with the curry sauces i may add!) taking place in the house of curry. PLH did a sterling job about giving us light for the evening and clean will all be glad to know that there was no mention of the green plastic plates or red plastic cutlery.

We popped a cherry or two without much of an ado and the evening was afloat. What with the love around the table for Viggo Mortensen and Christoper K's forthcoming portrayal of Man Friday (loin cloth and all) I really did feel that this week's WNC needed to be filmed. While i am here i must promote the superior acting abilities of Christopher K - i believe that he will truly grab the role by it's ball ( and most likely his co-stars) in this wonderfully adapted version of Robinson Crusoe - I beleive tickets will be on sale for the Panto season soon so do let me know if you need any and i will put you in contact.

As I am doing a little selling I may take this oopportunity to draw your attention to the wonderful musical stylings of Headland:

Definitely my fave new band and for the cynical ones out their nothing to do with the fact that Mary happens to be the keyboard player, much more to do with the Indian guys vocals in the track 'love hate'! It also means that i can pop a video in this weeks post. i really must learn to use other functions of the blog....note to self.

There seemed to be a lot of cyclists at WNC this week - ECO or Worried about weight - Discuss?? If it is weight don't worry WNC very Healthy!!

I had to retire early as I had been awake for far too long and i was fidnding it hard to stay awake i did leave Chris K and Pete on the Wii tennis court.....

Ok so i have to leave you now. love you.


Monday, 22 October 2007

Saturday Night Curry 20th October 2007

What is this you may all ask?

A rogue curry?

Not at all, just a little tribute post to a worthy WNC contender. On saturday past I was cooked for in a curried a way, and it was lovely. As was the evening.

Thanx C.


Thursday, 18 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 17th October 2007

Attendees - Mark Hamilos, Mercedes Hamilos, George Pennock, Cara Gilson, Kamila Shamsie and PLH.

Menu - Kofte Curry (Meatballs), Chicken Curry, Aloo (Potatoes), Dhal (lentils),Rice, Mooli Salad and Chapatis

Virgin Count - 1

Spicy Rating - 2000

Well it has been a while but I got it together and WNC actually happened. There were people and everything at the home of curry this week.

It all began with a little DIY the chairs in the house are a little frail and over the past months of currying there have been a few mishaps and a few losses. The bodge tape team of Hamilos and PLH did a bang up job of making sure there there were enough seats for asses. Soon there will be new chairs.

We were all wondering about the state of each others pants at the beginning of the evening, apparently it is possible to be wearing bad pants or good is a game that was not played but it does sound like a little bit of fun.

There was only one to be initiated into the WNC clique, an authentic sub-continental no less.

Due to the lateness of my posting i have to say that the memory of the evening has faded somewhat and i shall not be so lax again as to try and post without all the facts to hand. Let it be said that a good time was had by all and spicyness took place.

I have not been able to post a video for a few weeks now as WNC has just been a small flickering evening of curry in the back of my mind so this week I bring you talent in the purest form possible - 11 years old and boy can she sing...

love you all.


Friday, 12 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 10th October 2007


Sorry my little poppadoms - once again a last minute cancellation. I know this is becoming a far to frequent occurrence and I promise to try and keep my business requirements to the minimum!

It seems that we have nearly broken the 175 mark on the list and we are well on our way to getting WNC reviewed by a proper food person type. With this in mind there are two points that need to be discussed sponsorship and rules.

It has been brought to my attention over the past few WNC - yes when i have been there- that the seating situation at the home of curry is, well, dire. I agree. However due to the planning people that be, holding up not only the very simple building of a staircase but also the WNC tour, there has been no seat purchasing.

There is a solution- first thought of by a Mrs Mills of Pimlico, who kindly sent in her suggestion there is a plan afoot to sponsor a WNC chair. I will fine tune the details and send you all some info soon. (t-shirts too,don't forget your suggestions for logos!!)

The second topic of conversation before stardom beckons is the rules:

We all know the rules as they are on the weekly e-mail, however what people seem to be doing is assuming that everyone else replies too quickly and so they don't try - please do have a go. Sometimes everyone answers 2-3 days after the mail, sometimes immediately - there is no rhyme or reason to it. So please do try.

Anyway enough of my curry based ranting.

i love you all.


Thursday, 4 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 3rd October 2007


Sorry my spicy little poppadoms i am in bologna eating pizza and lasagne.

The restaurant i went to last night had a "mcpizza" with chips and burger pieces on it!!!! What will they think of next. I really wanted to order one just so I could post the picture......but even i could not go that far. i thought of asking the very nice waitress if they would dedicate a pizza to WNC...maybe a naan base with chiken and tomato curry on the top.

I am sorry that i have not seen any of you for a good spice up in a while that will change as next week rolls around. PLH and i have been missing you all.

Be safe and remember to eat curry responsibly.

I love you more than i love myself, and according to the girl that asked me for dinner the other day (rejection BTW) "I really love myself"

Keep it spicy.