Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 5th September 2007

Attendees - Rod Heald, Imogen and Alice King, Giles Thompson, Nell Boase and PLH.

Menu - Little Samosas(Potatoes and peas), Chicken Curry, Chana Dhal, Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower) mooli salad, rice and chapatis.

Pud - Baked Berries and Plums with amaretto biscuits and madeira

Virgin Count - 4 ( Close to full virginosity)

Spicy Rating - 1000

Well, well....i made it a second week without flaking. I must really love you lot. Now although tight I still managed to fit a WNC into my busy work schedule.

Straight after a chance re-encounter at Stanstead Airport and a little bit of light plane sharing Mr Heald appeared at the Lower Entrance of 100 Harleyford Rd,soon to be followed by the lovely Sisters of King, a Baz and ten a Nell made the 7. This of course as some of you will know means that PLH gets to eat from the real plates.

I noticed that I have not varied the dishes that much in the past month or so. Now aside from the simplicity factor I have no excuse whatsoever...I will spice it up for you as soon as I get a chance. Maybe the vague threats all those moons ago of WNC becoming Spicy Food Thursday with foreign visitors such as tacos and maybe even athai curry.....but we will see!!

Now i don't know if you know or not but soon there will be 3D TV without the glasses....this is how this works apparently...Nell no red heavy Right Eyes anywhere!!

The technology works by throwing a different image to each eye and angling them so that one eye picks up one and the other picks up the other. There are in fact eight separate images, the technologists having added more after early users reported feelings of nausea and dizziness. "All of us have heard of 3D for games, for example, but it's not really 3D," says Philippe Delbary, head of 3D services for Orange. "It's just an attempt to represent depth."

Since last week...i have been thinking that i quite like the idea of a video in the although i have trawled for the advert where Imogen was the voice-over in a hair commercial and i have even looked for one where i was the hand and the shadow i have decided that a Pakistani Pantene commercial is the video of the week. I just don't understand how she can keep her doing that all week"

On a more serious note the WNC tour was supposed to be starting soon, however those people at Lambeth have decided to crush that idea for a few more weeks......

Love you all