Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 19 September 2007

Attendees - Dominic Coleman, Helen Lahey-Bean, Giler, Andrew Collier and PLH (Piers and Chris In Memoriam)

Menu -Dhai Curry ( Yoghurt Curry), Lamb Chops With Okra, Aloo (potatoes)Mooli Salad and Rice.
Pudding - Hot Cream, Mascarpone Creme Fraiche and Amaretti Biscuits with madeira and berries.

Virgin Count - 0

Spicy Rating - 1500

So i have been rather deflated with the news that the WNC tour is not going to happen for a while, i have been to therapy and I have tried having mindless sex with unsuitable girls but nothing seems to alleviate the fact that Lambeth council planning department are really meesing around with the freedom of curry act (1878), admittedly they may also be hindering any building works at the PLH home.

Now this week it was the Return of the yoghurt curry, PLH thinks that it is *too* vegetarian and he loves to slag it off. I think it is a beautifl dish and is truly one of my comfort dishes along with macaroni cheese, something that PLH and I have been consuming a lot of in the past few weeks, generally with a rib-eye steak.....mmmmm cheese and steak.

Anyway enough of the non-curry food chat and lets get back to this week at WNC: The Wordy One

This week there was definitely a theme running through the evening, we dissected Helens *Hearing Vocabulary* and checked out the words Giles was teaching his phone we also listened to Andy *Spaff* effusively about Entourage.

What words make you cringe? Answers on a postcard. Whatever anyone says - MOIST is a great word.

*appeal* does anyone have ny good chairs for sale - please contact myself or PLH as the WNC guests seems to be slowly destroying the works of modern art that are currently used.

Keeping with the wordy theme this weeks video is just plain silly.

i ain't too sure what is happening with the virgin rating it seems to be getting lower as the weeks go on.....come on peeps lets get a Virgin full house!

Anyhoo, it is getting late and i have to be pretty in the morning so I will leave you to ruminate about the WNC T-shirt slogan....remember a cobra beer for the winner.

If you are wondering about the thing called 'Jiglu' on the right of the blog, go to the site and have a look ... It is a rather intelligent tag creation mechanism for blogs. Written by WNC minister for coriander PLH. Do tell all your friends and help PLH buy some more chairs.

love you all. x