Friday, 31 August 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 29th Augst 2007

Attendees - Niall Campbell, Giler, Tom Blythe, Jo Dee, Emilia Keladitis and the return of PLH (for he has been a sailing......)

Menu - Tandoori Chicken, Kofte Curry(meatball curry), muttar aloo, naan, mooli salad

Spicy Rating - No Tears From Niall(New Rating System)

Virgin Count - 1 (Pure Virgin - First Curry First Meeting)

YES it happened. The Spice is Back in our lives. Wednesday is finally normal again. You may all want to know the tales of the past three weeks, the holidaying in the tropics with a gaggle of girls, the late night parties and the plastic surgery......alas it has been work dragging me away.

We were blessed with a true WNC virgin Mr Blythe of whom i have heard much but have never met made an appearance (the first of many i hope) and brought two rather delicious bottles one for the diary challenged Mr Collier, (forgiven but not forgotten).It would be prudent to say that Mr Blythe has great knowledge of pointless trivia (one of my favourite pastimes)We were both "trying to give it up but up was one of those nights"

It is Niall's Stag do this weekend and as such i thought i would devise a new rating system in his honour.

It is a Lacremental Rating System

0 Tears Niall is Pure Man
1-3 Tears Niall is still a Man
4-6 Tears his G-string is Scratching
7-9 Tears manicure and pedicure booked( much like it will be this weekend...)
10-Flowing Tears - Burning Manhood and Humiliation.....

We all realised that there were a wealth of subjects that we new nothing about and Giles decided that he may have to teach us all......what exactly happened in mogadishu, why is the sun so hot and what is the point of nuclear physics??

Unfortch no Ready Steady Cook for me this week and we are still waiting for the planners at lambeth to do their job before WNC can go on tour so all in all not much curry news this week.

Remember to keep it spicy my little poppadoms. love you.


Friday, 24 August 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 22nd August 2007


Three weeks people! Trois Semaines, Tres semanas, Drie weken, Tre settimane this is too long i know. I am sorry.

Things will change. WNC will be back.

love you


Sunday, 19 August 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 15th August 2007


Again, again, again........i know i am useless.

This whole work thing is really cramping my personal life. i promise tat WNC will be back soon as i find a good PA!

loev you

Wednesday Night Curry 8th August 2007


Sorry guys too much work at the moment.

Promise we will be back soon!

love you all sx

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 1st Augst 2007

Attendees (in order of appearance)- Greg Block, Hatty Pollard Britten + Thisbe Miu Pollard-Britten(asleep), Matthew Wreford, Julie-Anne Greenslade and of course the ubiquitous PLH.

Menu - Karahi Murgh ( Chicken Curry), Alo Bindi( okra and potatoes) , Turia ( indian courgette like vegetable), mooli salad and chapatis. Desert - Mangoes Mangoes and Mangoes.

Spicy Rating - 2500

Virgin Count - 1

There was a distinct increase this week of WNC disciples that had an hyphenated name...maybe it was to make pete feel a little less alone in the hyphen nomenclature stakes.

Ok So my mistake, this week so could have been BBQ WNC night...but it was just a litle too erratic for me to be positive - the weather that is. I am gonna try and do my damndest to BBQ WNC in the next few weeks, and oh what a joy it shall be - tandoori chicken on the BBQ and Maybe some lamb kebabs....i am getting a warm feeling thinking about it already.

Much like the past few weeks i have been prepping in advance a dish or two to make the evening flow with a little more ease.....the one discovery i have found with this method is that the room does not warm up as much, but as it seems to be getting warmer the wind throughflow in the flat can only be created with an ingenious system of window opening....this requires some effort but i tell you now it is worth it.

I am starting to think that maybe we should take a few more WNC photos because, as you all know, when a world famous restaurant critic gets on the list and actually reviews WNC there will be proper visual documentation to go with the article.

This week saw the start of my little curried version of 'ready steady cook' the ingredient this week was TAMARIND which i have to say gave a small yet unmistakable tang to the turia.

Remember my spicy little poppadoms - keep it spicy

love you