Wednesday, 18 July 2007

WednesdayNight Curry 18th july 2007

Attendees: Joanna Dee, Niall Campbell, Giler, Oliver Cooper and PLH

Menu:Chicken Curry, Chana, aloo and chapatis - Ice cream and hot raspberry sauce
Virgin count - 1 Spicy Rating ( As per scoville) 2500 - 4000

Well where do i start - the weather this morning was abysmal so i did not consider the possibility of the BBQ WNC but what a total fucking surprise as i left the office and the sun was shining - jesus!

Maybe i will just do next week as a BBQ and sod the consequences.

Well what a week it has been, still being audited and much work going on, was in good need of CURRY.

Giler was the first to arrive and the moment he walked in i could hear his spicy cherry popping. The soon to be wed Miss Dee( the dominatrix mortlake) soon arrived without Niall 'dodgy' Campbell, He and the coops arrived some time after.

I once again had the foresight to prepare the food which made the evening less sweaty for me which i like and i am sure that everyone else appreciates my lack of sweatiness!

We all know who has and has not shagged a girl called Bex. We can all vouch that Mr Shilson is an insomniac wordsmith(anagrams for the motto?) and that it is high time mr cooper stayed off the waccy baccy....

We won on the wine bingo this week, one white, one red and one pink and one fizz!!! I still can't stop drinking those little cans of heineken export....

for those whe come and don't want to leave WNC i think this was the most appropriate anagram of the night


be spicy, be sexy and remember that if jon bon jovi can still make people rock then so can you.

love you