Thursday, 12 July 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 12th July 2007

Attendees : Daniel Beaumont, Rose Davidson, Charlotte Pham, Gemma Norton, Alexandra Scott-Bayfield, Penny Scott-Bayfield and PLH

Menu - Kofte Karahi(meatball curry), Tandoori Chicken, Chana Masala ( Chick Peas), Aloo ( potato) Chapatis and salad.

Virgin count - 2

Spicy Rating - Off the Scale

So i have formed a little kind of routine in a bit of pre-preparation of the WNC, which makes life a little easier. A few pre prepped dishes and the others made on the day and we are set.

Mr Beaumont came home with me as his office is next to mine, we popped to the shops and then home. I believe that Rose was the next to arrive and then the SB's seperately and then Ms Pham and Norton with ICE CREAM!!!

T'was a table for 8 and the green plastic plates and the orange plastic cups made an appearance........PLH thinks i have a problem. Maybe he is correct.

You may have noticed the two new blog ratings - explanations right after this message from a WNC Alumnus

Anyhoo. With the flocks of WNC membersthere a always people who have not graced the table and so, eventhough somewhat childish, we have started a virgin count. The aim is to acheive full WNC virginicity - a whole bag of spicy cherries if you will!

The Spicy Rating is there because apparently the food had a little more kick that usual last night.....this may even be an audience participation exercise. The ratings fromnowon will be based on the Scolville scale which ranges from 0-16,000,000.

Just to let you all know that the Mango season is coming to an end and i am going to have to start using my brains to come up with other deserts until the season begins again.

A little more WNC news for you now - THe WNC Tour should Start about September lots of you have kindly offered up the use of your homes and i promise closer to the time i will start organising dates for me to bring round my 'curry rucksack' with my patented 'WNC On Tour Spice carrier'!!!!

Remember to keep it spicy!

p.s thoughts on a postcard thinking WNC needs a motto.......

People. Curry. Happy is the winner so far.......xx


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