Friday, 22 June 2007

Thursday Night Curry 21st June 2007

Attendees - Andy colier, Jo Dee (Soon to be Campbell), Niall Campbell, Mark Hamilos, Cara Gilson and George Pennock and of course not forgetting PLH

Food - Tarka Dhal (lentils), Aloo ( potatoes), Ghosht Karahi ( Lamb Cuzza), Salad, Chappattis - Pud - Mangoes Raspberries and Nashi Pear

This week i had the foresight to do a little advance preparation dontcha know, so all was even more chilled in the kitchen than usual.

Mr Collier was the first to arrive with a selection of wine - our most generous wine guest to date - what a way to pop one's curried cherry!

Unfortunately Mr Pennock had to leave a tad early due to a very important meeting.

There seemed to be a lot of reisling and pinot gris floating about which is possibly why the chat did get a little dirty - alsatian wine is well known for its foul mouthed properties!! Most of this was due to the slightly dodgy nature of Mr Campbell!

It has to be said that Thursday Night Curry did rock...maybe it is the fact that Thursday is the new Friday. There were a few mutterings about the fact that Wednesday Night Curry does not rhyme and that everyone prefers Thursday Night Curry - to those people i say - ptchaah and ptooey.

love you all my little poppadoms.