Thursday, 28 June 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 27 June 2007

Attendees - Juliet Chua, Dennis Chua, Isabel Chua( Sleeping), Lisa (soon to be Ridd) Knappen, Seb Ridd - No PLH.

Starter - Tikki Aloo ( Potatoe Cakes)
Main Course - Keema ( Lamb Mince with Butternut squash, lentils and spices), Aloo ( Potatoes), Channa ( Chick Peas) , Chappatis and Salad
Pudding - Lemon Tart and some pretty tasty Strawberries!

So once again no BBQ WNC, it is ok i know it will come soon.

Juliet and Isabel arrived first and got to witness my late arrival and cooking skills all rolled into one. PLH was getting ready for a night on the town - i think he may be getting bored of WNC!

Even if i do say so myself it had been an extraordinarily shit day at the office and a little bit of curry was just what the stress doctor had ordered, the calm was helped by the joyous addition of young Isabel to the proceedings who was obviously enjoying the magnetic words on the fridge!

Now i know it does not normally happen and I normally don't admit it but i overcooked a few of the chapattis- i forgot i put them in the oven!! Nobody seemed to mind as much as me.
Overall i thought quite good curry ( keema = new recipe) was OK i think i can improve it a little.

It was also the day of the New PM - Texture Like Sun. I assume it will be ok and he will not raise any of the spice taxes.

Remember to keep it spicy.

love you


Monday, 25 June 2007


Where the fuck is my sunshine.

I want Spicy Friggin Pimms 'n' I want it on a Wednesday with Kebab that was cooked on my BBQ.

Sort it out Micheal Fish, although i suppose what with Wimbledon and all there will be rain for a few weeks.


Friday, 22 June 2007

Thursday Night Curry 21st June 2007

Attendees - Andy colier, Jo Dee (Soon to be Campbell), Niall Campbell, Mark Hamilos, Cara Gilson and George Pennock and of course not forgetting PLH

Food - Tarka Dhal (lentils), Aloo ( potatoes), Ghosht Karahi ( Lamb Cuzza), Salad, Chappattis - Pud - Mangoes Raspberries and Nashi Pear

This week i had the foresight to do a little advance preparation dontcha know, so all was even more chilled in the kitchen than usual.

Mr Collier was the first to arrive with a selection of wine - our most generous wine guest to date - what a way to pop one's curried cherry!

Unfortunately Mr Pennock had to leave a tad early due to a very important meeting.

There seemed to be a lot of reisling and pinot gris floating about which is possibly why the chat did get a little dirty - alsatian wine is well known for its foul mouthed properties!! Most of this was due to the slightly dodgy nature of Mr Campbell!

It has to be said that Thursday Night Curry did rock...maybe it is the fact that Thursday is the new Friday. There were a few mutterings about the fact that Wednesday Night Curry does not rhyme and that everyone prefers Thursday Night Curry - to those people i say - ptchaah and ptooey.

love you all my little poppadoms.


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 13th June 2007

Did not happen what with car towing and misunderstood e-mails.

So me and sophie and pete had thai curry.


Monday, 11 June 2007

UNORTHODOX - Monday Night Pasta 11th June 2007

So here is my first non WNC post.....maybe this will become a regular thing.

It was a boat reunion with an extra crew member - LBJ.

There was banter and chat about a past tryst lost in the annals of time.

There was blue chees warmpasta salad.

There was Garlisc Tomato Bread.

TherewasChampagne and wine.

It was great, it was a monday.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Attendees - PLH, Alex Gabbay, Emilia Keladitis, Mark Chamberlain and Kate Chamberlain (+bump)

Mixing Rating ( Abandoned See Below)

Food - Pota Ghosht ( coriander and cardamom lamb), Baingan (Aubergine), Mooli Salad( Radish) and Chapatis, Watermelon, Kesar Mangoes and chicoos. Bindi aloo ( Potato and okra) See Below
I got home late as it had been a very busy day - the sun was nowhere to be seen so once again the elusive BBQ WNC was not to be. The elusive PLH (whom i had not seen for a night) arrived back there was a tearful re-union and WNC prep was underway.

A very strange smell started to eminate form the wok that made both PLH and choke - the teflon (non stick to you and I) had started to cook and fall off the pan into the food - Hence the potatoes and okra did not appear for all to eat. I need a new wok.

Not to worry - WNC became a little like The Venus De Milo - Limbless yet still beautiful.

Mark brought some lovely little barrel shaped cans of Heineken Export something i had not drunk in a while. I must say that it was surprsingly refreshing and it will definitely find it's way back onto the 'beer of choice' list.

Now you may have noticed that the mixing rating is not there this week. Well it is my sad duty to tell you that it has gone far far away. Killed off by the cheating step-father in the kitchen no-less. Fear ye not - another highly controversial and pointless marker of how much fun i perceive people to be having at WNC will be here soon. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

I met Alex for the first time last night (Emilias Flat Mate)......i have to say that he has the best heritage of anyone I have met to date .........1/4 Lithuanian, 1/4 Latvian, 1/4 Spanish and 1/4 Iraqi!!! He agrees with me that the Japanese are a nation of Genius Inventors - especially with the mirrored dancefloors and umbrella shoes.

We tried to avoid Facebook but it still kept creeping in there.

love you, my spicy