Thursday, 24 May 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 23rd May 2007

Atendees - Peter Lewin Harris( Pete will now be abbvreviated to PLH, as he will most likley be at every wednesday night curry) Piers Torday, Chris Neill, Helen Lahey-Bean and Dominic Coleman

Mixing Rating - 9/10

Food - Chana Masala ( chick Peas), Bindi Aloo( Okra and potatoes), Ghosht(Butterfly Leg of lamb), Chapattis(home made not tesco PLH) - Mangoes(Alphonso - Kesar) Chicoo, Watermelon.

So i made it home. I even had the foresight to marinate the lamb the night before. Unfortch i did not get home in time to fire up the coals so it was just a WNC not a BBQ WNC! Not to worry a deathly hot oven and firey grill crisped it up a treat, it also made the kitchen V Hot ( and sweaty) but PLH came to the rescue and increased the airflow to the room using the old window at both end trick. Phew.

Apparently there was an important football game on or something...we however turned our conversation on to more appropriate subjects like, masturbation, transformers with gastric issues, weight loss with the use of narcotics and of course facebook.

I would like to just confirm to the guests that although i did nick myself while preparing the desert it was blood free!

love you all.