Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 30th May 2007

Attendees - PLH, Alice Towb, Josh Towb, Emma Johnston, Alex Pile and the newly Facebook initiated Alexandra Scott-Bayfield.

Mixing Rating - 9.35/10

Food - Mini pea and potato samosas with Gerbal Chutney ( home made secret recipe) Dhai Curry(yoghurt), Chana Maslala (chick peas), Aloo (potatoes), Baingan (Aubergine), Chawel (Rice), Chapatis and Salad. Pud - MAngoes(Kesar), Blueberries, chicoos, raspberries, melon.

I got off early today as i had a meeting in the at the Barbican and i could not be arsed to go back to the office. This meant that things happened in good time and it also meant that i could go to homebase and deal with our broken chair situation. The result - a pretty pair of red canvas chairs now bringing our total to 7, much like our wine glasses (started with 12) , plates (started with 13).

The newly married Josh and Alice were first to arrive and after a few moments PLH was opening the door to everyone else with one question 'what is the first line of the bible?'

It is the first bit of deep frying i have done in a while, as you all know i am a complete health freak and do not eat eat:
A) Unecessary amounts of food ( this includes ordering too much at a restaurant)
B) Eat unhealthy food like take away pizza and KFC
I forgot how much it fun it was too deep fry. i like.

Mr Pike and Miss Johnston appeared with an outstanding bottle of red from the year of my birth:

Tasting Notes - lovely!

A lucky find in a samll shop near Olympia...the details of which are going to stay closely guarded secret!!!

Somehow again there was some chat about facebook!!! Need to commit facebook suicide. Though we did sign up Alex SB at the end of the evening and i am apparently a music pioneer in the guess the music game!!

All in all a good WNC - the weather seems to be getting better so i am sure that the spicy pimms and kebabs will be on the bbq very soon.

be spicy my little poppadoms.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

First Come First Served......

.......lovely spicy people.

I had a lot of e-mails this week - all of them unhappy.

May i say that there was a question this week in the e-mail if you did not answer it you did not make your way into the WNC reply list.
This is in no way me being mean or choosing favourites I am only adhereing to the rules.

I have only just realised how booked WNC has become - i will have to change the rules and have a little more depth to the FPP system at some point - but PLH and i will no doubt have to write the very complicated website in the near future. Any designs suggestions are welcome.

Remember my little spicy poppadoms...the quicker you reply the more likely you are to love your curry.


Thursday, 24 May 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 23rd May 2007

Atendees - Peter Lewin Harris( Pete will now be abbvreviated to PLH, as he will most likley be at every wednesday night curry) Piers Torday, Chris Neill, Helen Lahey-Bean and Dominic Coleman

Mixing Rating - 9/10

Food - Chana Masala ( chick Peas), Bindi Aloo( Okra and potatoes), Ghosht(Butterfly Leg of lamb), Chapattis(home made not tesco PLH) - Mangoes(Alphonso - Kesar) Chicoo, Watermelon.

So i made it home. I even had the foresight to marinate the lamb the night before. Unfortch i did not get home in time to fire up the coals so it was just a WNC not a BBQ WNC! Not to worry a deathly hot oven and firey grill crisped it up a treat, it also made the kitchen V Hot ( and sweaty) but PLH came to the rescue and increased the airflow to the room using the old window at both end trick. Phew.

Apparently there was an important football game on or something...we however turned our conversation on to more appropriate subjects like, masturbation, transformers with gastric issues, weight loss with the use of narcotics and of course facebook.

I would like to just confirm to the guests that although i did nick myself while preparing the desert it was blood free!

love you all.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Back on Track

That is correct - three weeks that were WNC-less have passed, we can all breath deeply again.

There is nothing short of a nuclear attack that will hold me back from getting home and cooking curry.

Friday, 18 May 2007



In the words of the fame acadamy turned viable entertainer Lemar - this week it is 50/50.

It is true i was busy, too busy infact to check my mails and get everything organised - however i have to say that aside from one individual the rest of you were flaky with your responses - 'can i let you know' - you know who you are and you should be ashamed!

N E Way i have decided that i have to be kinder and giving you chaps a little advance fridays will hopefully be the wednesday night curry e-mail day!

I will be back on track v.soon sorry for the delay in spicy goodness.

Monday, 14 May 2007

The Power of the Curry

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 9th May 2007


I know, I know i am sorry, LIfe is getting a little insane at the moment and so i just could not get back in time to fire up the coals - and what use is a BBQ with no coals!

I am getting back on track and next week will be there and fun and great and spicy!

however i did get to cook when i got home and i have created a new dish for a WNC in the future, it involves butternut squash and lamb and it is lovely, even if i do say so myself!

love you

Monday, 7 May 2007

So i have been having chats. The kind of chats that lead to things. It has been decided by the powers that be at WNC that we should try and get reviewed by a broadsheet restaurant critic. Anyone will do, a Coren or maybe a Gill would be preferable but as the inmate on death row said when asked what he would like for his last meal 'i aint picky'.

Just to reassure you this is not a fame thing, nor is it a power thing. This is a social experiment. I want to be reveiwed as the best place to have a curry in South london before the year is out.

Help if you can, if you can't just spread the WNC word.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Wednesday Curry 2nd May 2007


sorry curry lovers, real life and work stuff taking over this week.........

but just to let you know that i reckon next week will definitely be a WNC BBQ - the weather has been holding up quite well i think.

dont forget to be raita on.