Thursday, 26 April 2007

25th April 2007 WNC

Ateendees : Rupert Hunt, Matthew Wreford, Gregory Block, Sara Dunlop, Oliver Cooper and Myself.

Mixing Rating: 9.5/10

Food: Bhel Puri(as a snack), Pota Ghosht, Turia, Dhal, Chawel, Aloo and mooli salad.

So this is the first proper post WNC blog, where to start.

I had the fortune of meeting my old Office Sharing cfolleague and very good friend Mr Rupert Hunt at his offices earlier that evening and we went home together via a quick stop at the evil supermarket chain. I had not really been home for a bit and so it was quick dash to the the sink to wash up and WNC was on course - slightly late. But food was on the table by 8.30 and all was good. Mr Cooper did bring an lovely 2001 red which was much appreciated by all.

You may be wondering what the mixing rating is above. well as you all know the order the e-mails come in is who gets to come, therefore there is no pre-planned dinner party guest list - no seating plan and no un-inviting people cos they don't get on with so-an-so - therefore the rating is to determine random chat and banter levels amongst friends. as you can see last night was very high.

Well i better go as this few minutes of my life could have been better taken up with real work!

see you s0on. x


gblock said...

Food was *absolutely amazing*. Especially the starter-thing; light, fresh, really vibrant - very spring.

You are, as ever, a star. Thanks for a brilliant curry, I couldn't have asked for a better way to lose my WNC virginity. :)

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