Monday, 24 December 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 19th December 2007

WNCNDSGDP(Wednesday Night Curry Non Denominational Seasonal Greeting Drinks Party)

You heard the hype - You saw the posters - You waited for the invite....

The champagne flowed mainly into nice cheap plastic flutes that I found, seeing as that most of the second half of this year there has been the wonderful green and orange plastic cutlery and dinnerware that
PLH has not been able to hide his love for, it was the most obvious vessel for champagne (nuclear 'w'essel....that is what I am saying -5 points for the name of the movie and actor/character!)
There were a good few regulars that appeared and seeing as Lambeth council had waved their planning stick in our direction it seemed appropriate to list everyone who on the walls! You can see the attendees on the top right but for those without the magnification of the hubble telescope here is a more legible version:

Sammy Harper ( Soon to be Murray -
Rupert Hunt

Andy Collier
Jo Campbell
Niall Campbell
Dan Beaumont
Rose Beaumont
Seb Ridd
Alex Scott
Penny Scott
Angela Salt
Mark Chamberlain
Greg Block
Harriet Pollard Britten
Thisbe MiuPollard Britten
And of Course not forgetting

Things continued on the drawing/ writing on the walls as you will see below.....however the one i could not show you was a
little dirty...and will have to be removed by the council, much like graffiti done by chavs.
As it was and end of year gathering i have taken it upon myself to hand out some awards...

The First Annual WNC 'Hot Samosas'

The Ubiquitous Samosa is awarded to Peter Lewin Harris

The Most Perfect Samosa is awarded to Thisbe Miu Pollard Britten

The Oily Samosa is awarded to Niall Campbell

The Darling Samosa is awarded to Andy Collier

The Award Moss Yo is awarded to Giler

The 'Cant open a bottle of Champagne' Samosa I award to myself

WNC will start again on the 9th of January 2008...remember to start the new year with a thought for the less fortunate people who don't get to attend WNC.

be good and keep it spicy.

love you.


Sunday, 16 December 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 12th December 2007


Sorry guys....last few weeks before and shit...therefore once again i have failed my loyal curry subjects.

Fear ye not next week is the WNCNDSGDP the must attend curry event of the year....there will be champagne and little spicy morsels -you know you want to!!!!

Also next week will be the last WNC this year as i am off on the 24th and i am pretty sure that no-one will want leftover turkey curry! I will be back on the 6th of jan and the 9th will be the first WNC of the year...

love you all.


Friday, 7 December 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 5th December 2007


Sorry my curry stuff took over and south east london was denied it weekly curry.

Blame it on the bathroom users of the world and the traffic....

Remember not to forget that you have to remind yourself about the WNCNDSGDP (The Wednesday Night Curry Non Denominational Seasonal Greeting Drinks Party) - Wednesday 19th December - Be there or be shaped like a samosa.

Love you all.......

Friday, 30 November 2007

Thursday Night Curry 29th November 2007

Attendees : Thomas Blythe, Hatty Pollard-Britten (Thisbe Pollard-Britten sleeping) Robert.P.Mills, Fiona Garland and PLH.

Menu - Poppadoms, Courgettes in a spicy curry way, pota lamb (cardamom, coriander, black peper and chilli, bindi aloo (potatoes and okra), not home made parathas!

Pudding - Forest fruits and plums in a hot creamy madeira and amaretto biscuit jus!! (sorry about the amaretto fiona totally forgot that the biscuits are made from nuts!)

Virgin Count - 1

Spicy Rating - 1600

Well well - 2 Thursdays in a row whatever next. PLH was confused, I don't think he likes change - come to think of it neither do I. Wednesday will be back next week and there will be no change I tell you.

My grandmothers recipe for lamb made an appearance again today, I love this dish and it always makes me feel better as for some reason I was on feeling rough side for most of the day, but a plateful of lamb and I was content. It is better with homemade chapattis but Once again I did not get home until about 6.45ish and so I cooked the frozen parathas.....'wrong but delicious' or 'just don't tell your granny' should be the strapline on the packaging.

The lovely people at TNC this week made me and PLH laugh and cry with the witty banter and the deep philosophical debate. Here are some of the highlights:

Q - Was Jenga truly created after a sleeper train to scotland handed out some shortbread fingers?

A - The game in its current form was invented in the 1980s by Leslie Scott. It grew out of a childhood game created around a present of wooden building blocks purchased from a local wood craftsman in Ghana.
The word jenga is derived from kujenga, the Swahili verb "to build"; jenga! is the imperative form.

Q - Are baked beans the devils spawn?

A - # 1901: The first Beanz are sold in the UK as a luxury item at London fine grocer’s Fortnum & Mason.
# 1928: The first British-made Heinz Baked Beanz go on sale to an already hooked public.
# 1941-1948: Baked Beanz are classified as an “essential food” by the Ministry of Food as part of the wartime rationing system.
# 1958: A Heinz factory opens in Wigan, which uses some 1,000 tonnes of dry beans every week making the nations’ favourite toast-topper.
# 1967: Heinz strikes gold with an advertising campaign that now ranks among the most famous and successful of all time. The simple, catchy slogan Beanz Meanz Heinz was created by an advertising executive named Maurice Drake, who claimed that: “it was written over two pints of beer in The Victoria pub in Mornington Crescent”.
# 1998: Heinz Baked Beanz is chosen as one of 12 brands that people think best represent the final ten years of the millennium, along with Coca-Cola, McDonalds, The National Lottery, Adidas, Yellow Pages, St Michael, Bell’s Whisky, Manchester United, BBC, BT and Visa.

Now all of that may have 'bean' a little too informative on the topic of beans but i did receive a photo message from Mr Blythe in which he was holding a can of the fortnums I thought it only appropriate to give a little history of the nations humble bean inna tin.(sorry not to have replied cruddy reception in the middle of nowhere, but i can get internet access!!)

The drinks party will be soon people......the 19th don't forget to put it in your diary....very important - champagne and samosas!

This week there can only be one thing i leave you with.....the late seventies bunch of freaks called mother goose - if yo like dr hook and split ends then you will know who I am talking about!!

love you all


Friday, 23 November 2007

Spicy Food Thursday 22 November 2007

Attendees : Andrew Collier, Daniel Beaumont, Rose Davidson, Mr and Mrs Niall Campbell.

Menu : ( No Curry, Shock Horror...) Spicy Lamb, Houmos, Labneh, Feta Salad, Cabbage Salad, Halloumi, Kobez(sp) Bread and spicy sauce.

Now then, so much has changed this week, Wednesday became Thursday and curry became just spicy food! I made the rules and so I decided I could change them. It was also the first week in quite a while that PLH did not make an appearance...*violins*

There was champagne as it was the the last night of curry freedom for Dan and Rose and it was the married vs the just about to be married , The Campbells and the soon to be Beaumonts. Where did you go on your honeymoon? How many people at your wedding? The one question that seemed to be lacking was about the caterer.....I am slightly put out that none of you asked me to feed everyone curry! *sob*

This week the food was just plain old spicy and not a curry!!! Shock horror....but it sort of reminded me of a plan I once had in the not so distant past which went something like- WNWOC Wednesday Night World Of Curries - Ready steady curry has forced me to keep on my lovely little toes, the scope of the curry could go further afield... Just a thought but one that may just start to happen in the new year!

The sponsoring of chairs seems to be going quite well I believe we have 5 offers of sponsorship at present. Talking of seating you will all be glad to know that I am going to get the sofas recovered in the new year in a beautiful fabric from Neisha Crosland which looks a little like this...

We ended up on the wii again this week...but no bowling and no tennis - just a little bit of internet you tube surfing malarkey... for those of you who have not witnessed the musical/comedy stylings of the flight of the conchords than please watch what is probably the best one they do.

Once again i can't say it better than it has been said before (this week brought to you by the irish wonders that are Boyzone):
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
You are not alone

love you


Thursday, 22 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 21st November 2007

There has been a little switch this week WNC is TNC - confused. You will be.

I ended up out last night and at Harrys Bar....Bellinis, Tagliatelle porcini con fegatini, filleto di manza, a magnum of tiagnello and a bottle of 99 sassicaia.

good evening. sorry WNC no work this week just fun for once.

see you on thursday.


Friday, 16 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 13th November 2007


Sorry you lovely people, got trapped again by the evil mistress that is work. She beat me and beat me till I had no energy left to cook for you. Even PLH got takeaway food there was not a pan in site at the home of curry.

Should you be interested it was a curry of sorts one from my far eastern cousins in the land of Thai. Then there was an episode or two of spooks and that was about as interesting as it got.

I will be back on top next week.

love you

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 6th November 2007

Attendees - Hatty Pollard Britten, Thisbe Pollard Britten (asleep), Amos Usiskin, Matthew Wreford, Greg Block, Jonathon Gray (Newly Engaged and without Fiancee?) and PLH

Starters - Samosas and Pakoras (Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Gram Flour)

Menu- Lamb and Spinach Curry with lentils (made it up last night so don't know if it is really Indian!), Chickpeas and lotus root(Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Lotus Root) Bindi Aloo (potatoes and okra,Incorporating the Ready Steady Curry Ingredient of Okra), Rice, Chapatis and mooli salad.

Pudding - Indian Sweets and the ABSOLUTELY delicious Chocolate and caramel tart made by the ABSOLUTELY delightful HPB

Spicy Rating - 1200

Virgin Count - 2

Well after the delights of last weeks festive WNC we missed the fuss and bother of the blowing up of parliament celebration that is Guy Fawkes Night, there were still a few bangs in the air but not as many as there will be this Friday what with it being 'Diwali'. As there are a good number of the sub-continental types on the shores of blighty i feel that in the environs of tooting and southall and mile end you may see a sparkler or two floating about. Hence the Indian sweeties...funny how there are so many sweets to commemorate or celebrate....

Anyway it is rather strange, but plates keep disappearing at the home of Curry, i am not suggesting that the guests up and walk with crockery, far from it. I think that the Thursday morning cleaner has a small habit of hitting the inside of the belfast sink with them and they may end up in the bin!! Please don't kill anymore - THANKS!!!!!

Congratulations to Mr Gray who decided to tie the knot, not only is it a good institution to enter into, it meant we started off the evening with champagne......the nibbles were nice and crispy and went very well with champagne which made me think that maybe we could have a WNC non denominational seasonal greeting drink party -WNCNDSGDP!!!!

I hope that people still have their jobs today as i think a lot of people seem to be getting fired at dinner last night.......I am not too sure if it was just something in the air or the fact that we are all just heartless bastards.

This week was also saw the first Ready Steady Curry in a while and we used three of the suggestions from WNC members:

The Pakoras used the 'gram flour' that Mr Wreford put forward - for those who don't know gram flour is chick pea flour and a pakora is much like the british favourite onion bhaji - just a bit more refined.

Next we had the 'lotus root' and the 'okra' of Ms Pollard Britten - the lotus root mixed with chick peas in a spicy and tangy suace and the okra with a few onions and potatoes. Luvverly.

The rather welcome but unexpected chocolate tart by HPB was scoffed quite happily by the table and we all ate a few of the very sweet indian thingies I produced - in order of appearance - Gluab Jamin, Kala Jamun, Pista Burfi and Ludoo.

A fair few of you have been writing in and asking a bout the wonderful investment opportunity that is 'Sponsor a WNC Chair' this is in no way a scam to get people to buy chairs for home of curry in SE11, this is a genuine chance to get on the 'seating ladder'.

I shall post a full set of diclaimers and terms and conditions in the next WNC e-mail.

As it was fireworks night ( and Amelia Chamberlains 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday!) on November 5th I thought i would leave you with a little fireworks display.


Remember to keep it spicy!!


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I am not too sure I can remember....... this conversation started up a few weeks ago but i do remeber that it came from a certain Mr CK.

It started with a comment(I am paraphrasing somewhat here)that the inside of the new Mini is very nice and apparently all the production of a human man's reproductive fluid (!)would fill it up. Now i am not saying that all the conversation at WNC falls witin the same bounds as this but the topic has carried for a weeks or so and another WNC member has e-mailed me a thought/solution/rebuttal to the claim/sick and twisted thought. Lets call him Alfred.

Hey Shaan -

I write (...) to tell you that I woke up the other morning to find that I had solved the Ministurbation calculation. Funny how the brain works, isn't it?


imagine that PLH (let's be honest, only PLH is going to try) masturbates into a Mini once a day from the age of 18 until he's 70. That's 19,345 ejaculations at a generous average of 10 cubic centimetres a go.

(Incidentally, did you know that that's where the band 10cc is supposed to have got its name? That's also - allegedly - the origin of The Lovin' Spoonful, if you're interested. Also if you aren't.)

Anyhoo: that makes 193,450 ml, or a bit under 200 litres.

"Heavens!" I hear you cry. And, after a moment's pause, "But wait! That may be a lot of the white stuff, but it isn't going to fill a Mini, is it?" And you'd be dead right. I have no idea what the cubic capacity of a Mini is, but it's surely a load (ahem) more than that. Indeed, the *boot* of a new Mini is 150 litres. So you'd fill the boot (well, PLH would) but not much more than that.

Incidentally, also whilst asleep I calculated that, on the entirely made-up assumption that semen is 20% more dense than water, the total volume would weigh in at about a quarter of a tonne.

I knew you'd be thrilled.

I hope that this will clarify any and all other thoughts on the subject.

See you all soon.


Thursday, 1 November 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 31st October 2007

Attendees - Niall Campbell and Jo Campbell(freshly back from honeymoon), Giler, Samantha Harper, Alex Murray (Thisbe Miu Pollard Britten and Hatty Pollard Britten in halloween costume and in spirit due to car breakage!) and PLH

Menu- MiniLamb Chops a la Shaan, Potatoes a la Shaan and Bindi a la Shaan,Rice and Dhai Curry ( Yes Pete it is a curry so just deal with it!)

Pudding - Berries covered mascarpone,cream,creme fraiche, madeira and ammaretti biscuits a la oven

Spicy Rating - 1200

Virgin Count - 2

Quick congratulations to myself for actually making it again this week....3in a row..lets go for 4.

Well what an interesting day it was wherever I went it seemed to be Micheal Jackson appreciation day..i mean really aside from Thriller and Ghostbusters are there no other halloween songs and apparently the catalogue of Micheal Buble does not count!

There were no pikeys that came for money or sweets and my car seemed totally unscathed the morning after so not only does that mean i did not have to keep getting up during WNC and telling the kids to sod off, but also that we get to keep the industrial size bucket of sweeties!!

I am unfortunately short of time and therefore cannot recount everything that happened at this weeks WNC so I shall try and give you an accurate precis of the comings and goings......

No Tom and Susannah. Shame. Soon.
Replacement Jo an Niall. Good. recently married. Enough Honeymoon crap thanks. love you really. Hope that I don't feature too mutch in your video.
Sammy and Alex. Yay. Original WNC member Sammy from old days.
Sir Shilson. Shame they stole the book. Not to worry good luck at the pitch.
Arse. Hatty car issues no Halloween costume on favourite goddaughter called Thisbe.
Story. Prosthetic cock breakfast, shots and a granny. Woah there.
New Mini. Wanking inside it again. Please stop.
All food finished. Bones on plates. Loving it fatboy.No you.
Lambeth Planning are wankers. Wii,golf, bowling.
Don't forget the alcoholics.

Well there we go.

As it is halloween and i always seem to leave you a video I thought I would leave you the funniest thing i have seen in a while, PLH and his geekiness saw it AGES ago......

*Curry News*

So far we only have one sponsored chair. Please think about the continuation of curry comfortableness(yes i know it is not a word PLH)

Lets try and get the chairs here soon.

The new Blog will be here soon, so any suggestions, logos or comments are welcome...

love you all. s xxxxxx

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 25th October 2007

Attendees - Chris Kennedy, Chris Clothier, Michelle Traylor, Mary Douglas-Home, Katherine Fairbairn and PLH

Menu- Chicken Biryani, Chana Masala, Mutter Aloo, Mooli Salad, Parathas and some poppadoms.....

Pudding - Lychees and icecream and lots of sweets (halloween special in the shops!)

Spicy Rating - 1200

Virgin Count - 2

Well then, this is the second week in a row that i have managed to leave the office at a reasonable hour and rush back in order to get to cooking the now infamous WNC.

I must say that this week prior to the arrival of the select few curry lovers that made the grade, there was a minor air of home pride(nothing to do with the curry sauces i may add!) taking place in the house of curry. PLH did a sterling job about giving us light for the evening and clean will all be glad to know that there was no mention of the green plastic plates or red plastic cutlery.

We popped a cherry or two without much of an ado and the evening was afloat. What with the love around the table for Viggo Mortensen and Christoper K's forthcoming portrayal of Man Friday (loin cloth and all) I really did feel that this week's WNC needed to be filmed. While i am here i must promote the superior acting abilities of Christopher K - i believe that he will truly grab the role by it's ball ( and most likely his co-stars) in this wonderfully adapted version of Robinson Crusoe - I beleive tickets will be on sale for the Panto season soon so do let me know if you need any and i will put you in contact.

As I am doing a little selling I may take this oopportunity to draw your attention to the wonderful musical stylings of Headland:

Definitely my fave new band and for the cynical ones out their nothing to do with the fact that Mary happens to be the keyboard player, much more to do with the Indian guys vocals in the track 'love hate'! It also means that i can pop a video in this weeks post. i really must learn to use other functions of the blog....note to self.

There seemed to be a lot of cyclists at WNC this week - ECO or Worried about weight - Discuss?? If it is weight don't worry WNC very Healthy!!

I had to retire early as I had been awake for far too long and i was fidnding it hard to stay awake i did leave Chris K and Pete on the Wii tennis court.....

Ok so i have to leave you now. love you.


Monday, 22 October 2007

Saturday Night Curry 20th October 2007

What is this you may all ask?

A rogue curry?

Not at all, just a little tribute post to a worthy WNC contender. On saturday past I was cooked for in a curried a way, and it was lovely. As was the evening.

Thanx C.


Thursday, 18 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 17th October 2007

Attendees - Mark Hamilos, Mercedes Hamilos, George Pennock, Cara Gilson, Kamila Shamsie and PLH.

Menu - Kofte Curry (Meatballs), Chicken Curry, Aloo (Potatoes), Dhal (lentils),Rice, Mooli Salad and Chapatis

Virgin Count - 1

Spicy Rating - 2000

Well it has been a while but I got it together and WNC actually happened. There were people and everything at the home of curry this week.

It all began with a little DIY the chairs in the house are a little frail and over the past months of currying there have been a few mishaps and a few losses. The bodge tape team of Hamilos and PLH did a bang up job of making sure there there were enough seats for asses. Soon there will be new chairs.

We were all wondering about the state of each others pants at the beginning of the evening, apparently it is possible to be wearing bad pants or good is a game that was not played but it does sound like a little bit of fun.

There was only one to be initiated into the WNC clique, an authentic sub-continental no less.

Due to the lateness of my posting i have to say that the memory of the evening has faded somewhat and i shall not be so lax again as to try and post without all the facts to hand. Let it be said that a good time was had by all and spicyness took place.

I have not been able to post a video for a few weeks now as WNC has just been a small flickering evening of curry in the back of my mind so this week I bring you talent in the purest form possible - 11 years old and boy can she sing...

love you all.


Friday, 12 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 10th October 2007


Sorry my little poppadoms - once again a last minute cancellation. I know this is becoming a far to frequent occurrence and I promise to try and keep my business requirements to the minimum!

It seems that we have nearly broken the 175 mark on the list and we are well on our way to getting WNC reviewed by a proper food person type. With this in mind there are two points that need to be discussed sponsorship and rules.

It has been brought to my attention over the past few WNC - yes when i have been there- that the seating situation at the home of curry is, well, dire. I agree. However due to the planning people that be, holding up not only the very simple building of a staircase but also the WNC tour, there has been no seat purchasing.

There is a solution- first thought of by a Mrs Mills of Pimlico, who kindly sent in her suggestion there is a plan afoot to sponsor a WNC chair. I will fine tune the details and send you all some info soon. (t-shirts too,don't forget your suggestions for logos!!)

The second topic of conversation before stardom beckons is the rules:

We all know the rules as they are on the weekly e-mail, however what people seem to be doing is assuming that everyone else replies too quickly and so they don't try - please do have a go. Sometimes everyone answers 2-3 days after the mail, sometimes immediately - there is no rhyme or reason to it. So please do try.

Anyway enough of my curry based ranting.

i love you all.


Thursday, 4 October 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 3rd October 2007


Sorry my spicy little poppadoms i am in bologna eating pizza and lasagne.

The restaurant i went to last night had a "mcpizza" with chips and burger pieces on it!!!! What will they think of next. I really wanted to order one just so I could post the picture......but even i could not go that far. i thought of asking the very nice waitress if they would dedicate a pizza to WNC...maybe a naan base with chiken and tomato curry on the top.

I am sorry that i have not seen any of you for a good spice up in a while that will change as next week rolls around. PLH and i have been missing you all.

Be safe and remember to eat curry responsibly.

I love you more than i love myself, and according to the girl that asked me for dinner the other day (rejection BTW) "I really love myself"

Keep it spicy.


Saturday, 29 September 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 26th September 2007


Oh. Woe is me. Too much work stuff. Real Life etc.

The food had even been prepared, i just could not get home before about 9pm.

It will get easier now the new office team is installed.

I shall be away next week in Italy on a work i will see you after that.

Love you all


Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 19 September 2007

Attendees - Dominic Coleman, Helen Lahey-Bean, Giler, Andrew Collier and PLH (Piers and Chris In Memoriam)

Menu -Dhai Curry ( Yoghurt Curry), Lamb Chops With Okra, Aloo (potatoes)Mooli Salad and Rice.
Pudding - Hot Cream, Mascarpone Creme Fraiche and Amaretti Biscuits with madeira and berries.

Virgin Count - 0

Spicy Rating - 1500

So i have been rather deflated with the news that the WNC tour is not going to happen for a while, i have been to therapy and I have tried having mindless sex with unsuitable girls but nothing seems to alleviate the fact that Lambeth council planning department are really meesing around with the freedom of curry act (1878), admittedly they may also be hindering any building works at the PLH home.

Now this week it was the Return of the yoghurt curry, PLH thinks that it is *too* vegetarian and he loves to slag it off. I think it is a beautifl dish and is truly one of my comfort dishes along with macaroni cheese, something that PLH and I have been consuming a lot of in the past few weeks, generally with a rib-eye steak.....mmmmm cheese and steak.

Anyway enough of the non-curry food chat and lets get back to this week at WNC: The Wordy One

This week there was definitely a theme running through the evening, we dissected Helens *Hearing Vocabulary* and checked out the words Giles was teaching his phone we also listened to Andy *Spaff* effusively about Entourage.

What words make you cringe? Answers on a postcard. Whatever anyone says - MOIST is a great word.

*appeal* does anyone have ny good chairs for sale - please contact myself or PLH as the WNC guests seems to be slowly destroying the works of modern art that are currently used.

Keeping with the wordy theme this weeks video is just plain silly.

i ain't too sure what is happening with the virgin rating it seems to be getting lower as the weeks go on.....come on peeps lets get a Virgin full house!

Anyhoo, it is getting late and i have to be pretty in the morning so I will leave you to ruminate about the WNC T-shirt slogan....remember a cobra beer for the winner.

If you are wondering about the thing called 'Jiglu' on the right of the blog, go to the site and have a look ... It is a rather intelligent tag creation mechanism for blogs. Written by WNC minister for coriander PLH. Do tell all your friends and help PLH buy some more chairs.

love you all. x

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunday morning Curry??

My spicy little ones,

Can this be true, curry on a Sunday i had toast but i did have an uncharacteristically free morning so i thought i would just say hi.

As you will have seen the WNC t-shirt is coming, the tour is on hold and I now have a little more control of My Wednesdays so no more breaks in routine.

I hope to see you all soon at the house of curry....


Friday, 14 September 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 12th September 2007


Alas alack ahem.

Ix ne on the curry ne.

Sorry 'o'.

hot little poppadoms the lot of you.

next time, spicy it will be.


Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 5th September 2007

Attendees - Rod Heald, Imogen and Alice King, Giles Thompson, Nell Boase and PLH.

Menu - Little Samosas(Potatoes and peas), Chicken Curry, Chana Dhal, Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower) mooli salad, rice and chapatis.

Pud - Baked Berries and Plums with amaretto biscuits and madeira

Virgin Count - 4 ( Close to full virginosity)

Spicy Rating - 1000

Well, well....i made it a second week without flaking. I must really love you lot. Now although tight I still managed to fit a WNC into my busy work schedule.

Straight after a chance re-encounter at Stanstead Airport and a little bit of light plane sharing Mr Heald appeared at the Lower Entrance of 100 Harleyford Rd,soon to be followed by the lovely Sisters of King, a Baz and ten a Nell made the 7. This of course as some of you will know means that PLH gets to eat from the real plates.

I noticed that I have not varied the dishes that much in the past month or so. Now aside from the simplicity factor I have no excuse whatsoever...I will spice it up for you as soon as I get a chance. Maybe the vague threats all those moons ago of WNC becoming Spicy Food Thursday with foreign visitors such as tacos and maybe even athai curry.....but we will see!!

Now i don't know if you know or not but soon there will be 3D TV without the glasses....this is how this works apparently...Nell no red heavy Right Eyes anywhere!!

The technology works by throwing a different image to each eye and angling them so that one eye picks up one and the other picks up the other. There are in fact eight separate images, the technologists having added more after early users reported feelings of nausea and dizziness. "All of us have heard of 3D for games, for example, but it's not really 3D," says Philippe Delbary, head of 3D services for Orange. "It's just an attempt to represent depth."

Since last week...i have been thinking that i quite like the idea of a video in the although i have trawled for the advert where Imogen was the voice-over in a hair commercial and i have even looked for one where i was the hand and the shadow i have decided that a Pakistani Pantene commercial is the video of the week. I just don't understand how she can keep her doing that all week"

On a more serious note the WNC tour was supposed to be starting soon, however those people at Lambeth have decided to crush that idea for a few more weeks......

Love you all


Friday, 31 August 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 29th Augst 2007

Attendees - Niall Campbell, Giler, Tom Blythe, Jo Dee, Emilia Keladitis and the return of PLH (for he has been a sailing......)

Menu - Tandoori Chicken, Kofte Curry(meatball curry), muttar aloo, naan, mooli salad

Spicy Rating - No Tears From Niall(New Rating System)

Virgin Count - 1 (Pure Virgin - First Curry First Meeting)

YES it happened. The Spice is Back in our lives. Wednesday is finally normal again. You may all want to know the tales of the past three weeks, the holidaying in the tropics with a gaggle of girls, the late night parties and the plastic surgery......alas it has been work dragging me away.

We were blessed with a true WNC virgin Mr Blythe of whom i have heard much but have never met made an appearance (the first of many i hope) and brought two rather delicious bottles one for the diary challenged Mr Collier, (forgiven but not forgotten).It would be prudent to say that Mr Blythe has great knowledge of pointless trivia (one of my favourite pastimes)We were both "trying to give it up but up was one of those nights"

It is Niall's Stag do this weekend and as such i thought i would devise a new rating system in his honour.

It is a Lacremental Rating System

0 Tears Niall is Pure Man
1-3 Tears Niall is still a Man
4-6 Tears his G-string is Scratching
7-9 Tears manicure and pedicure booked( much like it will be this weekend...)
10-Flowing Tears - Burning Manhood and Humiliation.....

We all realised that there were a wealth of subjects that we new nothing about and Giles decided that he may have to teach us all......what exactly happened in mogadishu, why is the sun so hot and what is the point of nuclear physics??

Unfortch no Ready Steady Cook for me this week and we are still waiting for the planners at lambeth to do their job before WNC can go on tour so all in all not much curry news this week.

Remember to keep it spicy my little poppadoms. love you.


Friday, 24 August 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 22nd August 2007


Three weeks people! Trois Semaines, Tres semanas, Drie weken, Tre settimane this is too long i know. I am sorry.

Things will change. WNC will be back.

love you


Sunday, 19 August 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 15th August 2007


Again, again, again........i know i am useless.

This whole work thing is really cramping my personal life. i promise tat WNC will be back soon as i find a good PA!

loev you

Wednesday Night Curry 8th August 2007


Sorry guys too much work at the moment.

Promise we will be back soon!

love you all sx

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 1st Augst 2007

Attendees (in order of appearance)- Greg Block, Hatty Pollard Britten + Thisbe Miu Pollard-Britten(asleep), Matthew Wreford, Julie-Anne Greenslade and of course the ubiquitous PLH.

Menu - Karahi Murgh ( Chicken Curry), Alo Bindi( okra and potatoes) , Turia ( indian courgette like vegetable), mooli salad and chapatis. Desert - Mangoes Mangoes and Mangoes.

Spicy Rating - 2500

Virgin Count - 1

There was a distinct increase this week of WNC disciples that had an hyphenated name...maybe it was to make pete feel a little less alone in the hyphen nomenclature stakes.

Ok So my mistake, this week so could have been BBQ WNC night...but it was just a litle too erratic for me to be positive - the weather that is. I am gonna try and do my damndest to BBQ WNC in the next few weeks, and oh what a joy it shall be - tandoori chicken on the BBQ and Maybe some lamb kebabs....i am getting a warm feeling thinking about it already.

Much like the past few weeks i have been prepping in advance a dish or two to make the evening flow with a little more ease.....the one discovery i have found with this method is that the room does not warm up as much, but as it seems to be getting warmer the wind throughflow in the flat can only be created with an ingenious system of window opening....this requires some effort but i tell you now it is worth it.

I am starting to think that maybe we should take a few more WNC photos because, as you all know, when a world famous restaurant critic gets on the list and actually reviews WNC there will be proper visual documentation to go with the article.

This week saw the start of my little curried version of 'ready steady cook' the ingredient this week was TAMARIND which i have to say gave a small yet unmistakable tang to the turia.

Remember my spicy little poppadoms - keep it spicy

love you


Thursday, 26 July 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 25th July 2007

Attendees: Mark P Thompson, Sophie Flather, Sheila David. SKG and PLH.

Menu, Tandoori Chicken, Kofte Curry (Meatballs), Aloo (Potatoes) Chapatis and Salad
Pudding - Mangoes, Golden Kiwis, Rainier Cherries, Cantaloupe Melon, Blush Apricots

Virgin Count: 3

Spicy Rating :1200

What can i say, my spicy cherry conversion rate was off the charts this week. I feel like a cooking stud. The cobras were most welcome over the bottle and i do urge all future guests that a bottle can be any alcohol.....although Jagermeister may not be the best spicy accompaniment.

I only pre-prepped half of this weeks menu so there was a little bit of chopping and stirring but otherwise good chat before and good chat during.

Twas nice to catch up with everyone it seems like an age since i had seen most in the room. Also glad that this time Mark and Sophie did not have the car towed!

Ms david was on ine form and who know maybe one day we will enjoy the whole David clan at a WNC.

The facebook appeared in the conversation again this week, mainly cos of the lawsuit and the possible downfall!! here is hoping!

The tour is getting closer my little ready.

remeber i love you like a fat kid loves curry sauce and chips.


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

WednesdayNight Curry 18th july 2007

Attendees: Joanna Dee, Niall Campbell, Giler, Oliver Cooper and PLH

Menu:Chicken Curry, Chana, aloo and chapatis - Ice cream and hot raspberry sauce
Virgin count - 1 Spicy Rating ( As per scoville) 2500 - 4000

Well where do i start - the weather this morning was abysmal so i did not consider the possibility of the BBQ WNC but what a total fucking surprise as i left the office and the sun was shining - jesus!

Maybe i will just do next week as a BBQ and sod the consequences.

Well what a week it has been, still being audited and much work going on, was in good need of CURRY.

Giler was the first to arrive and the moment he walked in i could hear his spicy cherry popping. The soon to be wed Miss Dee( the dominatrix mortlake) soon arrived without Niall 'dodgy' Campbell, He and the coops arrived some time after.

I once again had the foresight to prepare the food which made the evening less sweaty for me which i like and i am sure that everyone else appreciates my lack of sweatiness!

We all know who has and has not shagged a girl called Bex. We can all vouch that Mr Shilson is an insomniac wordsmith(anagrams for the motto?) and that it is high time mr cooper stayed off the waccy baccy....

We won on the wine bingo this week, one white, one red and one pink and one fizz!!! I still can't stop drinking those little cans of heineken export....

for those whe come and don't want to leave WNC i think this was the most appropriate anagram of the night


be spicy, be sexy and remember that if jon bon jovi can still make people rock then so can you.

love you

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 12th July 2007

Attendees : Daniel Beaumont, Rose Davidson, Charlotte Pham, Gemma Norton, Alexandra Scott-Bayfield, Penny Scott-Bayfield and PLH

Menu - Kofte Karahi(meatball curry), Tandoori Chicken, Chana Masala ( Chick Peas), Aloo ( potato) Chapatis and salad.

Virgin count - 2

Spicy Rating - Off the Scale

So i have formed a little kind of routine in a bit of pre-preparation of the WNC, which makes life a little easier. A few pre prepped dishes and the others made on the day and we are set.

Mr Beaumont came home with me as his office is next to mine, we popped to the shops and then home. I believe that Rose was the next to arrive and then the SB's seperately and then Ms Pham and Norton with ICE CREAM!!!

T'was a table for 8 and the green plastic plates and the orange plastic cups made an appearance........PLH thinks i have a problem. Maybe he is correct.

You may have noticed the two new blog ratings - explanations right after this message from a WNC Alumnus

Anyhoo. With the flocks of WNC membersthere a always people who have not graced the table and so, eventhough somewhat childish, we have started a virgin count. The aim is to acheive full WNC virginicity - a whole bag of spicy cherries if you will!

The Spicy Rating is there because apparently the food had a little more kick that usual last night.....this may even be an audience participation exercise. The ratings fromnowon will be based on the Scolville scale which ranges from 0-16,000,000.

Just to let you all know that the Mango season is coming to an end and i am going to have to start using my brains to come up with other deserts until the season begins again.

A little more WNC news for you now - THe WNC Tour should Start about September lots of you have kindly offered up the use of your homes and i promise closer to the time i will start organising dates for me to bring round my 'curry rucksack' with my patented 'WNC On Tour Spice carrier'!!!!

Remember to keep it spicy!

p.s thoughts on a postcard thinking WNC needs a motto.......

People. Curry. Happy is the winner so far.......xx

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 5th July 2007


Last minute cancellations and stuff happened, therefore no tales of curry to tell. I culd tell you another story tho'........

A long time ago in a land far far away there was a young, slightly tanned and somewhat hirsute boy who is beleived to be ....s od it can't be arsed.


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

BBQ - where are you?

Hail - Giant friggin balls of looking like the BBQ is a long way away

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 27 June 2007

Attendees - Juliet Chua, Dennis Chua, Isabel Chua( Sleeping), Lisa (soon to be Ridd) Knappen, Seb Ridd - No PLH.

Starter - Tikki Aloo ( Potatoe Cakes)
Main Course - Keema ( Lamb Mince with Butternut squash, lentils and spices), Aloo ( Potatoes), Channa ( Chick Peas) , Chappatis and Salad
Pudding - Lemon Tart and some pretty tasty Strawberries!

So once again no BBQ WNC, it is ok i know it will come soon.

Juliet and Isabel arrived first and got to witness my late arrival and cooking skills all rolled into one. PLH was getting ready for a night on the town - i think he may be getting bored of WNC!

Even if i do say so myself it had been an extraordinarily shit day at the office and a little bit of curry was just what the stress doctor had ordered, the calm was helped by the joyous addition of young Isabel to the proceedings who was obviously enjoying the magnetic words on the fridge!

Now i know it does not normally happen and I normally don't admit it but i overcooked a few of the chapattis- i forgot i put them in the oven!! Nobody seemed to mind as much as me.
Overall i thought quite good curry ( keema = new recipe) was OK i think i can improve it a little.

It was also the day of the New PM - Texture Like Sun. I assume it will be ok and he will not raise any of the spice taxes.

Remember to keep it spicy.

love you


Monday, 25 June 2007


Where the fuck is my sunshine.

I want Spicy Friggin Pimms 'n' I want it on a Wednesday with Kebab that was cooked on my BBQ.

Sort it out Micheal Fish, although i suppose what with Wimbledon and all there will be rain for a few weeks.


Friday, 22 June 2007

Thursday Night Curry 21st June 2007

Attendees - Andy colier, Jo Dee (Soon to be Campbell), Niall Campbell, Mark Hamilos, Cara Gilson and George Pennock and of course not forgetting PLH

Food - Tarka Dhal (lentils), Aloo ( potatoes), Ghosht Karahi ( Lamb Cuzza), Salad, Chappattis - Pud - Mangoes Raspberries and Nashi Pear

This week i had the foresight to do a little advance preparation dontcha know, so all was even more chilled in the kitchen than usual.

Mr Collier was the first to arrive with a selection of wine - our most generous wine guest to date - what a way to pop one's curried cherry!

Unfortunately Mr Pennock had to leave a tad early due to a very important meeting.

There seemed to be a lot of reisling and pinot gris floating about which is possibly why the chat did get a little dirty - alsatian wine is well known for its foul mouthed properties!! Most of this was due to the slightly dodgy nature of Mr Campbell!

It has to be said that Thursday Night Curry did rock...maybe it is the fact that Thursday is the new Friday. There were a few mutterings about the fact that Wednesday Night Curry does not rhyme and that everyone prefers Thursday Night Curry - to those people i say - ptchaah and ptooey.

love you all my little poppadoms.


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 13th June 2007

Did not happen what with car towing and misunderstood e-mails.

So me and sophie and pete had thai curry.


Monday, 11 June 2007

UNORTHODOX - Monday Night Pasta 11th June 2007

So here is my first non WNC post.....maybe this will become a regular thing.

It was a boat reunion with an extra crew member - LBJ.

There was banter and chat about a past tryst lost in the annals of time.

There was blue chees warmpasta salad.

There was Garlisc Tomato Bread.

TherewasChampagne and wine.

It was great, it was a monday.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Attendees - PLH, Alex Gabbay, Emilia Keladitis, Mark Chamberlain and Kate Chamberlain (+bump)

Mixing Rating ( Abandoned See Below)

Food - Pota Ghosht ( coriander and cardamom lamb), Baingan (Aubergine), Mooli Salad( Radish) and Chapatis, Watermelon, Kesar Mangoes and chicoos. Bindi aloo ( Potato and okra) See Below
I got home late as it had been a very busy day - the sun was nowhere to be seen so once again the elusive BBQ WNC was not to be. The elusive PLH (whom i had not seen for a night) arrived back there was a tearful re-union and WNC prep was underway.

A very strange smell started to eminate form the wok that made both PLH and choke - the teflon (non stick to you and I) had started to cook and fall off the pan into the food - Hence the potatoes and okra did not appear for all to eat. I need a new wok.

Not to worry - WNC became a little like The Venus De Milo - Limbless yet still beautiful.

Mark brought some lovely little barrel shaped cans of Heineken Export something i had not drunk in a while. I must say that it was surprsingly refreshing and it will definitely find it's way back onto the 'beer of choice' list.

Now you may have noticed that the mixing rating is not there this week. Well it is my sad duty to tell you that it has gone far far away. Killed off by the cheating step-father in the kitchen no-less. Fear ye not - another highly controversial and pointless marker of how much fun i perceive people to be having at WNC will be here soon. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

I met Alex for the first time last night (Emilias Flat Mate)......i have to say that he has the best heritage of anyone I have met to date .........1/4 Lithuanian, 1/4 Latvian, 1/4 Spanish and 1/4 Iraqi!!! He agrees with me that the Japanese are a nation of Genius Inventors - especially with the mirrored dancefloors and umbrella shoes.

We tried to avoid Facebook but it still kept creeping in there.

love you, my spicy

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 30th May 2007

Attendees - PLH, Alice Towb, Josh Towb, Emma Johnston, Alex Pile and the newly Facebook initiated Alexandra Scott-Bayfield.

Mixing Rating - 9.35/10

Food - Mini pea and potato samosas with Gerbal Chutney ( home made secret recipe) Dhai Curry(yoghurt), Chana Maslala (chick peas), Aloo (potatoes), Baingan (Aubergine), Chawel (Rice), Chapatis and Salad. Pud - MAngoes(Kesar), Blueberries, chicoos, raspberries, melon.

I got off early today as i had a meeting in the at the Barbican and i could not be arsed to go back to the office. This meant that things happened in good time and it also meant that i could go to homebase and deal with our broken chair situation. The result - a pretty pair of red canvas chairs now bringing our total to 7, much like our wine glasses (started with 12) , plates (started with 13).

The newly married Josh and Alice were first to arrive and after a few moments PLH was opening the door to everyone else with one question 'what is the first line of the bible?'

It is the first bit of deep frying i have done in a while, as you all know i am a complete health freak and do not eat eat:
A) Unecessary amounts of food ( this includes ordering too much at a restaurant)
B) Eat unhealthy food like take away pizza and KFC
I forgot how much it fun it was too deep fry. i like.

Mr Pike and Miss Johnston appeared with an outstanding bottle of red from the year of my birth:

Tasting Notes - lovely!

A lucky find in a samll shop near Olympia...the details of which are going to stay closely guarded secret!!!

Somehow again there was some chat about facebook!!! Need to commit facebook suicide. Though we did sign up Alex SB at the end of the evening and i am apparently a music pioneer in the guess the music game!!

All in all a good WNC - the weather seems to be getting better so i am sure that the spicy pimms and kebabs will be on the bbq very soon.

be spicy my little poppadoms.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

First Come First Served......

.......lovely spicy people.

I had a lot of e-mails this week - all of them unhappy.

May i say that there was a question this week in the e-mail if you did not answer it you did not make your way into the WNC reply list.
This is in no way me being mean or choosing favourites I am only adhereing to the rules.

I have only just realised how booked WNC has become - i will have to change the rules and have a little more depth to the FPP system at some point - but PLH and i will no doubt have to write the very complicated website in the near future. Any designs suggestions are welcome.

Remember my little spicy poppadoms...the quicker you reply the more likely you are to love your curry.


Thursday, 24 May 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 23rd May 2007

Atendees - Peter Lewin Harris( Pete will now be abbvreviated to PLH, as he will most likley be at every wednesday night curry) Piers Torday, Chris Neill, Helen Lahey-Bean and Dominic Coleman

Mixing Rating - 9/10

Food - Chana Masala ( chick Peas), Bindi Aloo( Okra and potatoes), Ghosht(Butterfly Leg of lamb), Chapattis(home made not tesco PLH) - Mangoes(Alphonso - Kesar) Chicoo, Watermelon.

So i made it home. I even had the foresight to marinate the lamb the night before. Unfortch i did not get home in time to fire up the coals so it was just a WNC not a BBQ WNC! Not to worry a deathly hot oven and firey grill crisped it up a treat, it also made the kitchen V Hot ( and sweaty) but PLH came to the rescue and increased the airflow to the room using the old window at both end trick. Phew.

Apparently there was an important football game on or something...we however turned our conversation on to more appropriate subjects like, masturbation, transformers with gastric issues, weight loss with the use of narcotics and of course facebook.

I would like to just confirm to the guests that although i did nick myself while preparing the desert it was blood free!

love you all.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Back on Track

That is correct - three weeks that were WNC-less have passed, we can all breath deeply again.

There is nothing short of a nuclear attack that will hold me back from getting home and cooking curry.

Friday, 18 May 2007



In the words of the fame acadamy turned viable entertainer Lemar - this week it is 50/50.

It is true i was busy, too busy infact to check my mails and get everything organised - however i have to say that aside from one individual the rest of you were flaky with your responses - 'can i let you know' - you know who you are and you should be ashamed!

N E Way i have decided that i have to be kinder and giving you chaps a little advance fridays will hopefully be the wednesday night curry e-mail day!

I will be back on track v.soon sorry for the delay in spicy goodness.

Monday, 14 May 2007

The Power of the Curry

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Wednesday Night Curry 9th May 2007


I know, I know i am sorry, LIfe is getting a little insane at the moment and so i just could not get back in time to fire up the coals - and what use is a BBQ with no coals!

I am getting back on track and next week will be there and fun and great and spicy!

however i did get to cook when i got home and i have created a new dish for a WNC in the future, it involves butternut squash and lamb and it is lovely, even if i do say so myself!

love you

Monday, 7 May 2007

So i have been having chats. The kind of chats that lead to things. It has been decided by the powers that be at WNC that we should try and get reviewed by a broadsheet restaurant critic. Anyone will do, a Coren or maybe a Gill would be preferable but as the inmate on death row said when asked what he would like for his last meal 'i aint picky'.

Just to reassure you this is not a fame thing, nor is it a power thing. This is a social experiment. I want to be reveiwed as the best place to have a curry in South london before the year is out.

Help if you can, if you can't just spread the WNC word.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Wednesday Curry 2nd May 2007


sorry curry lovers, real life and work stuff taking over this week.........

but just to let you know that i reckon next week will definitely be a WNC BBQ - the weather has been holding up quite well i think.

dont forget to be raita on.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

25th April 2007 WNC

Ateendees : Rupert Hunt, Matthew Wreford, Gregory Block, Sara Dunlop, Oliver Cooper and Myself.

Mixing Rating: 9.5/10

Food: Bhel Puri(as a snack), Pota Ghosht, Turia, Dhal, Chawel, Aloo and mooli salad.

So this is the first proper post WNC blog, where to start.

I had the fortune of meeting my old Office Sharing cfolleague and very good friend Mr Rupert Hunt at his offices earlier that evening and we went home together via a quick stop at the evil supermarket chain. I had not really been home for a bit and so it was quick dash to the the sink to wash up and WNC was on course - slightly late. But food was on the table by 8.30 and all was good. Mr Cooper did bring an lovely 2001 red which was much appreciated by all.

You may be wondering what the mixing rating is above. well as you all know the order the e-mails come in is who gets to come, therefore there is no pre-planned dinner party guest list - no seating plan and no un-inviting people cos they don't get on with so-an-so - therefore the rating is to determine random chat and banter levels amongst friends. as you can see last night was very high.

Well i better go as this few minutes of my life could have been better taken up with real work!

see you s0on. x

Monday, 23 April 2007

Facebook ....sorry i did register

ok so i did it. i know i shouldn't have done it and i know that i am too old for this sort of thing but there we go.

I also created a little group on it as well guess what it ios called - yup wednesday night curry!

little link here

Anyways i have not even sent the e-mail out yet as i have been to busy. Better get on to it now.


Monday, 16 April 2007

Wednesday Night Curry, Why???

I get letters asking how WNC was born:

Well Spicy Food Tuesday does occasionally happen and Teriyaki Thursday may be a possibility.

A schoolnight is always a good night to see people as we allknow we have to be a little more grown up than we used too. *boo hoo* i don't get to seemany people at the moment as work takes up a little too much time. So there fore a cuzza at mine seemedto be the perfect remedy.

Monday, 9 April 2007

It has taken a bit of time......... get this going, but here it is the WNC blog. Now the plan is that after every WNC i shall keep everyone apprised of up andcoming developments with WNC.

Slowly the phenomenon of WNC is being catapulted into the mainstream, what with film and book offers for me by the bucketload. This is where the common people out there can share in my new found fame, wealth and glory. Feel the warmth of my curry.